The Voice on BBC1 Set to Fail

The Voice debuts tonight at 7pm on BBC1 – a rival to the long running and extremely popular X-Factor.

It contains a decent line-up with pop legend Tom Jones, a very current popular artist in Jessie J, and others, but is that enough to help it succeed? Name value alone will not make a judges panel, you need personalities… A Simon Cowell if you will.

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X-Factor has in fact lost a lot of its personality over the past couple of years with a constantly changing panel, Simon being less mean, and all in all creating a too nicey-nice feel. The Voice seems like it will continue in this fashion. I’m not talking about being mean for the sake of being mean, or featuring funny acts on the show, but the judges being honest and giving criticisms would be a fresh twist.

The Voice starts with all judges facing away from the act – relying only on ‘The Voice’ to decide whether they are interested. This is a qwerky, but pretty thin idea – especially to base a whole show around.

So The Voice debuts tonight, The Music Mag hopes that it will be successful and add a bit of competition to The X-Factor, but with previous singing competition flops at the BBC, we don’t see it being around very long.

Music Review: Camille O’Sullivan @ The Roundhouse

We’re guessing Camille O’Sullivan was nervouser than a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair shop before she came on stage. She once said that “if you can use pure nerves as a fuse, you can really take off like a rocket” and her performance at the Roundhouse on St Patrick’s Day was little short of incendiary.

The London-born Ireland-raised performer only began singing a little over a decade ago after a car accident rendered her hospitalised for a year. Since then, she has sung in Europe, the US and Australia with her own show and as part of the Olivier-winning cabaret troupe La Clique (the predecessor to La Soiree who have only recently finished their own shows at the same venue).

Camille (as she is mononymously known by her following) rarely sings original material. Instead, her forte lies in re-interpreting songs from the likes of Jacques Brel, Nick Cave and Tom Waits. The appropriate show-opener, Arcade Fire’s Wake Up, demonstrates her fearsome vocal range; like the subject matter of her darker song choices, her voice flies lower than the advertised cost of a Ryanair flight before filling the cavernous Roundhouse with an intensity which defies her slight frame. Wait’s All The World Is Green is a cheeky nod to the emerald-adorned audience hanging on her every word. Seriously – when was the last time the place heard the crowd angrily shush each other as they struggled to savour every syllable?

Folk star Neill MacColl – half-brother of Kirsty, son of Ewan – comes on to join Camille for a well-received rendition of his father’s famous composition Dirty Old Town before she attempts rock numbers Radiohead’s True Love Waits and Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt. Look, can we please pull the emergency handle on Hurt covers? Camille’s take was unfortunately anonymous and anaemic compared to the barely-contained rage behind Johnny Cash’s epic version or the unbridled regret shown by David Hoyle.

A cover of Nick Cave’s Ship Song is a fitting send-off as a well-satisified crowd float from their seats, some to prepare for the venue’s late-night ceilidh, others off into the Camden night. Slainthe, Camille.

Camille will be returning to London in mid-May to promote her new album Changeling some more.

Source Article from http://londonist.com/2012/03/227056.php

house party massacre – Camden 21st March

At The Dingwalls in Camden, London sees House Party Massacre!

Different Fish – Help Me: Video

The Music Mag likes to introduce artists and music film-maker who have a creative flair.

Help Me is the new video released by Different Fish, and let me tell you something: Different Fish are definitely different.

Their video is extremely creative and well shot, which links well to the tune. Have a listen below:

Different Fish – HELP ME from Two Headed Snake Productions

The Band From Oddworld

Location: London, UK
Genre: Rock / Alternative / Blues

The Band from Oddworld have relocated to London as the band prepares for an extensive touring schedule spanning both the U.K and Europe in support of the release of their new self-titled album.

The self-titled album was recorded in a house the band shared in Australia, in between constant touring and performances on summer festivals including The Big Day Out (Neil Young, Artic Monkeys & T.V on the Radio) and Soundwave (Janes Addiction, Faith No More & Placebo).

The Band from Oddworld – Prey

Prior to this, The Band from Oddworld performed a string of headline shows and summer festival spots in Japan as well as receiving considerable television coverage in both Australia (Channel V, ABC) and Japan (MJTV).

The full length album is due for release on Itunes in April 2012 however, The Band from Oddworld have made the first two singles Prey and Fate available online for free with the paywithatweet initiative and both tracks are receiving radio play worldwide.

The Band From Oddworld are also scheduling a string of release shows throughout the UK with the first being at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town, London on the 16th of March.

Citizens of the State: Political Rap Video

Want to hear a powerful political message delivered through well delivered rap lyrics? Look no further.

The track was created by social activists Citizens of the State – a band consisting of researchers, rappers, a producer and guitar player… an interesting mix. The research really shows, and sets these guys ahead of the crowd.

Listen to their track Servant to the Serpent:

Interesting in more? Follow them on facebook: Citizens of the State


Location: Ireland
Genre: Metal

One-Shot-Kill – a catchy name, with similarly catchy riffs. Based in Ireland the band consists of Sean McComish (Vocals/Guitar), Darryl Brazil (Drums), Craig Waters (Bass) and Rory Jackman (Guitar). Their first E.P “Quick And Painless” has just been finished.

Their influences include metal gods Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeath and Slayer just to name a few and you can really hear their influences in the following track.

One Shot Kill – Come Out Alive

one shot kill

Metal riffs up your ass: The guitaring and drumming is fast and frantic at times. The singing backs the impending riffs well and makes for a decent metal track with a slight punk influence.

Half way through the track of Come Out Alive it slows down to a beautiful acoustic melody, followed by a earth-shattering riff. These guys have potential, so if you’re in Ireland and looking for a band to mosh to The Music Mag recommends One-Shot-Kill. Long live metal!

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Must Hear Music: March 2012

After a very close vote on Facebook The Music Mag has decided to feature both the lovely singer songwriter called Cocabelle and metal heads One-Shot-Kill for the month of March. They will have their songs on our lovely side bar there to the right hand side for March.

Cocabelle – Never Wanna See You Smile

One-Shot-Kill – Come Out Alive

Life in Film Video: The Idiot

life in film

Life in Film are here, in your face, and ready to hit the London scene hard! They’ve recently finished recording an album with Stephen Street (who worked with The Smiths and Blur), and have a kick ass video recorded for your entertainment.

Be sure to go see them soon, it won’t be long until the ticket prices hike up so go see them and discover a gem of the London scene.

Here’s their video ‘The Idiot':

Check out their Facebook page: here

Cheryl Cole 2012 Calendar Pictures

For Cheryl Cole pictures go to:



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