CoCo DeParis releases ‘What the hell’

A beautiful name, a beautiful sound – CoCo DeParis releases her first single from the album ‘CoCo DeParis Take One’. The track is called ‘What the hell’ and along with her album was produced by Ale Valdes and recorded at Sohosonic Studios in London.

Her vintage, pop sound wrapped in sultry and sensuous tones radiates from the speaker. And not only is CoCo a beautiful musician, she also makes statements with her nod to the retro French fashion scene.

CoCo DeParis

Born in Southern France, with West African and Hispanic heritage, the French Riviera is her favourite location, inspiring her writing to this day. Including the dramatic love stories, old fashioned crimes of passion and treachery and not forgetting the champagne lifestyle of course.

CoCo is currently finalising the recording of her exciting new EP, ‘Coco DeParis Take one’. It is being produced by talented Music Producer Ale Valdes from Sohosonic in London. Sohosonic studio credits include So-Solid Crew, Leona Lewis, and Cassandra Fox, who scored a number 1 hit with her track ”ouch Me’ with Rui Da Silva.

Her songs reflect her life experiences but also paint the pictures created in her phantasmagorical cinematic mind, like a movie reel spinning scene after scene, with the music amplifying every moment. As the movie ends the closing music remains forever etched in one’s memory.

Her musical influences include Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Billie Holiday, Nina Simon, Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, The Doors, Nirvana, Gun’s and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Marilyn Manson and movie scores.

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Steve Ryan releases Boundless Moments Album

Steve Ryan constantly stays busy with project after project. To date, he has released 3 full length albums, authored 4 books, co-written 5 books, narrated over 100 book projects for publishing companies and authors and has other various acting credits. He is affiliated with multiple organizations in which some of the best in his industries are members of. He is a voting member in NARAS (Grammy™ Recording Academy) and as a songwriter, he is represented by BMI. He is also a member of the Audio Publisher’s Association. He is also a SAG/AFTRA eligible actor.

His music has been described as inspirational, ground breaking, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable. His lyrics are just outright magical. His books have been described as speaking straight to people’s heart as if he’s in their head. As you do your homework and research Steve Ryan, you will discover that he has a HUGE following. As you listen to his music or audiobooks or read one of his books, you will see why.

In Music and Moonlight, the nineteenth century poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy wrote: “We are the music makers, / And we are the dreamers of dreams.” This popular line of poetry defines present-day musician and songwriter Steve Ryan. Inspired by his own dreams, he helps others make theirs come true! He does this through a motivational and inspirational blend of pop, rock and r&b. With a subtle change to the quote above, we can call Steve Ryan a “dreamer of music, and maker of dreams.”

Steve Ryan’s musical background was primarily a songwriter before he released his first album. He wrote songs for other artists and originally found his way into the music industry through songwriting and occasional performances at various shows.

He made his official debut as an artist in 2010 with his first release, ‘’Steve Ryan Presents.’’ This album was meant to be a demo and it received a surprisingly overwhelming positive reaction from new fans and solidified Steve Ryan’s influence as an Artist.

In 2012, he released an EP album called intermission. This Album made it into the best sellers category on Amazon that year.

More recently, In 2014, Steve Ryan released Poemas de Amor : Seras tu? (The Spanish version of Love Poems: Are You The One?) and Life Destiny. He has also released Audiobook versions of all of his books in 2014. Steve Ryan’s authoring is not limited to poetry books. He is currently working on self-help books and various novels, which will be released in the future.

Steve Ryan has so many platforms in which he reaches his audience. His story will continue to unfold as he do what he does best, touch people’s hearts and mind through his works.

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Sarantos releases ‘Let’s Call It Love’ video

Sarantos recently released his latest single ‘Let’s Call It Love‘. The jazzy music video, is out now!

The last single of the year was released on 5th November 2014, and features a smooth jazz vibe bursting with passion – the single is sure to garner attention. The funky video to accompany the track has received rave reviews. There are many talented jazz musicians in the world who unfortunately do not receive any recognition, Sarantos bucks the trend with ‘Let’s Call It Love’

Pretty nifty for a solo rock artist, who’s been releasing a new song every month in 2014. We’ve featured Sarantos several times now in his pursuit for a single a month for the rest of his life.

His debut album ‘Not Where I Wanna Be’, which features all of the songs he has released throughout 2014, has just been released on November 18th. After being nominated for 2 awards for the 2014 International Music & Entertainment Awards for the categories of “Rock Song of the Year” and “Pop Album of the Year”, Sarantos is receiving the recognition he deserves.

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Lynne Taylor Donovan

Lynn Taylor Donovan is a rare artist whose sincerity shines through every time she picks up the microphone. Having gone through so much in her life, including being a breast cancer survivor, Donovan knows full well how precious life is and this gifted Canadian artist has every intention of using her life obstacles as a muse for her music.

Lynn is recognised within the Canadian country music scene, becoming known to possess an extraordinary amount of heartfelt passion, which shines through in her performances. Lynn Taylor Donovan has been winning fans all over the world since she was a teenager thanks to her God given gift.

The Vancouver born musician has been reminding country fans what they’re missing, with her new song called ‘Sugar Lake’. The track has lit up the charts in England, Europe and Australia.

With sumptuous vocals, catchy melodies and resonating lyrics, Lynne Taylor Donovan deserves to be taken seriously. One step at a time, one fan at a time, one market at a time.

“I don’t think I’d do anything differently and an artist can’t ask for anything more than audiences to respond in a positive fashion to what one is creating,” insists an artist who knows of what she speaks.

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Tommy Roumanas

Tommy Roumanas is a singer songwriter who loves to tell stories through his music about everyday life and the people in it. He says “I just write about the lives of regular people, like me, you know? For better or worse, that’s what I know, that’s what I live, that’s what I am, so that’s what I write.”

Tommy first came to attention after writing Lynn Taylor Donovan’s hit single ‘Sugar Lake’, which saw her reach the top of the charts. Soon thereafter Tommy was signed by Pacific Records to a 4 record deal. His first 2 singles have been received with critical acclaim, and to rave reviews.

His passion to create music shines as he states: “Composing and performing music for a living may not be the easiest or most stable job, but in my opinion, it’s the greatest job on earth! I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Tommy has several artists that have been great influences and inspirations, some of his topfavourites are Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, and Tupac Shakur.

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Keez Mc releases Musical Therapy

Never rushed and always designed to lighten the mood, the music of Keez Mc is anything less than brilliantly designed. Meaningful lyrics and layered arrangements are at the forefront of his independent release ‘Musical Therapy’, which is not only represents his own brand of art, but rebellion against the mainstream music industry itself.

Keez was raised in Harlem but lived in the Bronx. He’s also very focus he already has two mixtapes, one called Hungry Season and the second just now getting done called Hungry Season two (Business as usual) and a album coming out this year called ‘Musical Therapy’ both of his singles are doing good one called “Im On With It” and “Report To The Dance Floor” he has 8,692 plays, 839 downloads off his singles, 6,795 fans. His song “Report to the dance floor” is #3 on the club charts on unsignedbandweb.com and was placed #40 for 5 weeks for songs in the top 100 list on Ourstage.

Take a listen to Report to the Dance Floor below, or buy it on iTunes.

Honest about his music and his place in the industry, Keez will be the first to tell you that his motivations are not financial. Acting as an outlet for Keez himself, the latest incarnation of his sound is aimed at calming the minds of listeners and diverging as far as possible from existing tunes. Not only does his sound separate him from the mainstream, his general attitude and disposition is a display of rebellion against an industry that is often static in terms of diversity. Having been on both sides of the creative process, Keez uses a very DIY approach. Original in his hooks, lyrical content, compositions, and artistic representation of his music, he illustrates that not all catchy, popular music requires industry aid.

Relying on his true nature and supportive listeners to fuel his career, he represents an artist that performs for the sake of lifting the spirits of his listeners rather than financial gain. Recorded using Pro Tools, and a home studio ‘Musical Therapy’ is clean, polished, and can be related to by every listener that experiences it. S

The only way to truly experience the beauty and serenity of ‘Musical Therapy’ is first-hand, and the only way to grasp the uniqueness and creativity of Keez Mc is understanding his dedication to his listeners rather than the just dollars. He is currently in the process of promoting his new singles and spreading the word of his positive, lyrically driven, and memorable sound.

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Born in an area plagued by gang violence, itsDICE is a unique artist from the Los Angeles Harbor region. itsDICE has managed to create a sound as unusual as his past. Coming from a broken home in the violent street of Los Angeles, itsDICE brings humility, pain, and amusement into his music. It is clear in his lyrics he is dealing with a multitude of issues stemming from alcoholism, gang warfare, and manic depression. His music ranges from dark and painful, to comedic and witty.

Each of his mixtapes has lead the listener to believe there is always a sense of hope and his clever word play and complex rhyming structure force the listener to press the “Replay” button on each one of his tracks.

Listen to itsDICE – Love Hate Rap below:

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Cedar Boulevard release Shorelines & Shipwrecks

Cedar Boulevard have released their new single called ‘Shorelines & Shipwrecks’, it’s the lead track from their new self titled E.P.

Founded by high school friends Kris Ahlquist (Bass) and Luke Sharp (Guitar) in Perth, Western Australia. In search of a bigger scene and looking to further their musical careers the two moved to North America.

Once in North America, they were joined by David Mari (drums) and Julian Comeau (Vocals). Now formed, they began recording at Adelaide Recording Studios in North Carolina back in August, which resulted in the release of their self titled EP in September – a blend of rock, pop punk, post-hardcore and metal. From the fast paced vocal delivery, dual lead guitars and thumping low end through to the more melodic acoustic, piano and string elements the band covers a wide range of styles to create a sound all their own.

Listen to ‘Shorelines & Shipwrecks’ below, the lead single from their first ever EP:

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P Bailey

“The human soul of a man with a 5 octave range” is how Paul is described by many who have Heard him sing, often compared to Ron Isley of the Isly Brother fame.

His Beautiful soul renditions are tear tearjerkers. Originally from the UK, P Bailey had his first taste of musical inspiration while taking part in music class in grade school. Principal Miss Johnston was so impressed by his musical sense encouraged him to continue.Early Influences were Motown and Muscle Shoals. Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson were a big Influence on him as a Singer/Songwriter/Performer.

Paul signed with company LA Sound to release his album in Japan called “Find me somebody“. He has also been featured on commercial, internet and college radio stations across Japan, Australia, Canada, and the UK. Spot light on CBC One Montreal program ‘Home run’, which featured the new album “Find me somebody” His Song’ Part of me’ also received a certificate of merit from the Uni Song International Song writing competition for being in the top ten percent. The Song is licensed by Pureplay music to 15,000 stores across the UK and Europe. With his new catalog of songs P Bailey is a man on a mission remember his name because you won’t forget his soul.

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Soulganic – Didactic Interstice

Independent Soul music pioneers Soulganic have announced the release of their third album ‘Didactic Interstice’, released on November 4th, 2014. The quartet follow up from their debut album ‘All Directions Forward’ back in 2007 and ‘From The Storm To The Sun’ in 2009.

If you’re a fan of Maxwell, Jamiroquai, The Roots, Soulive, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Hunt, Cody ChesnuTT, India.Arie, Corinne Bailey Rae, or Omar Lye-Fook then you’ve got to check out Soulganic.

Grooving since 2009, Soulganic is comprised of drummer/keyboardist Cory McClure, guitarist Ryan McKeithan, lead vocalist/bassist Anthony Rodriguez and percussionist Lucas Torres. They have created an underground reputation for expertly crafting a brand of music dubbed Funky Indie Soul: an earthy, gritty, organic blend that liberally infuses Latin, jazz, blues and rock elements into the mix.

‘Didactic Interstice,’ volume one of the Equilibria recordings, takes the band’s trademark sound back to its roots. The record is built upon the concept of space, and letting the music breathe, with a collection of original songs that is sparse, earthy, organic, and full of soul and emotion.

With ‘Didactic Interstice,’ the band looks forward to the continued spread of their message to music lovers worldwide. “We’re really excited to present our vision this go round,” says Anthony Rodriguez (lead vocalist). “We hope what comes across is how much we enjoyed making this album, and that when the listener’s done, they can’t wait to dive in again.”

The album is available to buy on iTunes and CD Baby. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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