5 of the most impressive tours of all time


Pink Floyd’s The Wall tour from 1980-81 was a tour like no one had ever seen before. It was not only the last performances of the original Floyd line up, but also a spectacular set of shows that Roger Waters claimed were miles ahead of anything ever achieved in rock ’n’ roll before. Working alongside acclaimed illustrator Gerald Scarfe and architect Mark Fisher, Waters set about trying to create one of the most impressive concept performances in music history. Along with Scarfe’s animations and giant inflatable puppets, the event crew built a giant wall brick by brick at the front of the stage, which eventually separated the band from the audience.

The New York Times reported in March 1980 that: “The Wall’ show remains a milestone in rock history though and there’s no point in denying it. Never again will one be able to accept the technical clumsiness, distorted sound and meagre visuals of most arena rock concerts as inevitable” and concluded that “the Wall’ show will be the touchstone against which all future rock spectacles must be measured.”


The Bad tour was actually very good. In fact it was exceptional. It was Michaela Jackson’s first ever world tour as a solo artist and while it wasn’t his largest or highest grossing tour (or even the highest grossing tour that year) it set a new benchmark in live entertainment and cemented Jackson as one of the world’s greatest ever live performers. With multiple costume changes, scores of dancers, music videos re-enacted on stage, outrageous choreography, cameos from Stevie Wonder and an unknown Sheryl Crow; combined with Jackson’s remarkable dancing, singing and unrivalled stage presence makes it one of the best live tours of all time.


When the Rolling Stones set out on yet another mammoth world tour in 2005 a lot of people felt that it would surely be their last, having been on the road for over 40 years. The result was a rush for tickets to see one of the world’s most iconic bands. More than four and a half million people purchased tickets over 147 shows, grossing $558,255,524 and the Stones knew that they were going to have to put on a great show. They didn’t disappoint. The stage (designed by Mark Fisher who had worked on The Wall with Pink Floyd) was an 84-feet-tall multi-layered monster, resembling a giant cruise-ship more than a stage. An enormous central screen played video footage of the performers and animations, while huge flames and fireworks fired from the front of the stage. The highlight of the tour probably came at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, where an estimated two million people came out to see the free show.

4. U2 – 360° TOUR

U2’s tours have consistently been some of the largest, most spectacular tours known to the music world, but their 360° tour will take some beating. The invention of “The Claw” as a stage concept is one of the most impressive stages ever constructed and looked more like something from a sci-fi blockbuster than a platform for a rock band. It took 120 lorries to transport and stood 167 feet tall, smashing the world record for the largest stage set by the Rolling Stones on the A Bigger Bang tour. As with the first two entries on this list, Mark Fisher acted as the architect but this time with Willie Williams as the designer of the world’s first 360 degree stadium stages.
It was rumoured that the concept for the tour came about after U2 signed a “360” 12 year deal with Live Nation Music, giving them control of their touring, merchandise and website rights (in reality the deal was not a true “360” deal as no publishing or record label rights were signed over). It’s estimated that a massive 3,071,290 people attended the concerts between June 2009 and October 2010.


In 2008, just as U2 were in discussions with Live Nation Music concerning a massive new touring business deal, Madonna had already wrapped up her discussions with the company and was about to set off on her most ambitious and controversial tour to date. The impressive shows were split into four separate performance acts, each themed through different sets, costumes and songs. The tour became the highest ever grossing tour for a solo artist, taking over 300 million dollars and was attended by over 3,500,000 music fans. Madonna used the tour to make numerous, controversial political statements. She showed images of Republican presidential candidate John McCain alongside images of Adolf Hitler and took a number of opportunities to mock his running mate Sarah Palin and her husband. She also took the chance to place a tribute section to the recently deceased Michael Jackson into the show too.


Brenton is a lyrical artist, songwriter & shit-sayer, based in Miama, Flordia in the United States.

Here he said, the dream became more reality. “the lights came on, and I felt ready, it just felt natural.” Since his start, Brenton has opened for such artists as David Banner, Bone Thugs, Wale, J. Cole, B.O. B, Big K.R.I.T., CyHi The Prince, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Method Man & Redman. He’s even done a small impromptu performance with, then newcomer, Asher Roth.


Listen to ‘Catch Up’ above, which is produced by Elite Producers.

Noted for his second mixtape, “The Brenton Brown Affair, Brenton reached an impressive 10,000 downloads in just under a week on DatPiff. Both of His music videos for “Peep The Sneaks” and “Lemme Know” broke the 20k mark in just a few days, adding to his growing buzz. Since working on music with notable names such as Joe Budden, Emilio Rojas Jaiden “The Cure” and producer Black The Beast, Brenton said he’s ready for his next steps. “I’m just ready to be heard, so keep your ears open.”

Follow Brenton on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Introducing Avion Blackstone

Avion Blackstone is a straight edge lyrical singer / songwriter from Austin, Texas. Her new single ‘Backstage Hero’ is out soon.

Born to a conservative family, Avion Blackstone grew up with first hand experience religious inequality. As a poet and pianist, she began writing music at the tender age of 3. Her style is an original pairing of big pop sound with layers of meaningful lyrics. Also being obsessed with symbolism, Avion writes her music including metaphors for life, gender and sex issues, as well as world events.

Avion has a strong following on Twitter due to her meaningful lyrics and interesting updates, often interacting directly with her fans. She calls her fans ‘Aviants’.

Avion Blackstone

You can hear her music being played on Streetseekers radio, 98.2 The Beat, Beatsta and Blockz Radio. Her first radio interview on MJWJ’s ‘To Be Honest’ garnered high praise from the hosts for her quality music. You can watch for her two upcoming magazine spreads in The Underground Fix in November and in Blockz Mayhem’s inaugural issue this fall.

Although Avion would not describe her music as unique, but rather a representation of herself as an artist, industry people are comparing her to unique sound of Lady Gaga. Her songs are refreshing and deep with meaning while the quality of her music is equivalent to that of top tier stars. She credits her perfectionism…her fans credit her talent.

She is currently preparing for the release of Backstage Hero, a new single from her ‘Anything For Diamonds’ project, in the fall/winter of 2014. She resides in Austin TX with her kitten Egypt. You can stay updated on Avion’s music and events by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

Kdn ft. Samantha Elizabeth releases ‘Together’

Kdn is a one of the hottest up and coming rappers coming out of the East end of London. He released his debut mix-tape Motives & Thoughts at the beginning of 2014 and has never looked back since. At the start of the year Kdn has kept the fire burning, releasing new music every month, eventually gaining great support in the underground scene.

kdn together

His latest release entitled “Together” features the amazing vocals of Samantha Elizabeth. The song is a passionate love story delivered with a its homegrown feel keeping the rawness of Kdn and his emotions towards his lyrics. UK Hiphop at its finest, be sure to check it out below:

Doctor Who theme rocked up for charity

Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme, as realised by Delia Derbyshire was an early classic in electronica, but each successive arrangement tended to elaborate on the original, culminating in the orchestral version – with all its counterpoint melodies – that is used today.

British rock band New Earthlings have sought to get back to the original, but in a hard rock style. It’s released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify on August 23rd (to coincide with the new series), and may be pre-ordered now.


Guitarist Geoff Platt suffered a heart attack a year ago, prompting him to donate profits from the single to go to the British Heart Foundation.

It has been licensed as a cover of the original Ron Grainer tune by the publishers, Warner / Chappell Music Ltd.

Find out more by following New Earthlings on Facebook.

System Fade release new album ‘Magnetic’

System Fade is an electronic music producer based out of New Port Richey, Florida, USA. His new album ‘Magnetic’ was released worldwide earlier this year in May and has been making waves online ever since.

Influenced by the likes of Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris, System Fade, also known as Justin Beck, is an exciting talent. ‘Magnetic’ blurs the boundaries between electro, house and dub step, creating a raw Complextro sound.

System Fade

Well, as a little treat System Fade has given you the chance to listen to the whole album right now for free. What a great guy! If you like what you hear make sure to go and support him on iTunes or emusic and buy, buy, buy!

Pretty damn awesome I’m sure you’d agree. So what more is there to do than to put it on repeat and then follow System Fade on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud.

Rashell releases new single ‘C.A.L.I.’

Rashell has released her new single entitled C.A.L.I. which can be downloaded from iTunes for just $0.99.

Rashell started singing at a very young age. Learning melody’s from gospel songs, she started singing live to simple songs with easy melodies in a small Baptist church. She moved frequently through the United States and Rashell never had a place called home. Every move was short lived, but she learned how to express her emotions through her music.

Rashell was inspired by some of our most legendary recording artist such as: Teena Marie, Denise Williams, Mariah Carey, Rachelle Ferrell, and Mary J. Blige, saying “I remember the first time I heard the song “Fire and Desire”. I was in my room with a small hand held radio and I said wow who is that? I have got to learn how to sing beautiful like her! Then I heard Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love” and I was amazed. I remember thinking I can’t that note at the end, wonder if I can high that note, after a few tried I was able to mimic those high whistle tone notes.”


While Rashell never had any vocal coaching she simply fell in love with singing and spent every waking moment learnng everything she could about it. By the time Rashell reached preteen she begun making headlines, when she impressed casting director Matt Casella at the age of fourteen with only her personality and a big smile. She was one of thousands that had made the cut to become a Mouseketeer on the next phase of the Mickey Mouse club. She headlined in the San Mateo Times for her talent at the auditions and having such a great beautiful voice and a loveable personality.

Rashell was nominated in Sacramento News & Review Sammies Award for Best R&B Artist of 2013 and has featured in publications such as “All About Jazz” “SACTV”, “Sacramento Talent Magazine”, “INDY Show” and many more. She has worked together with artist and promotional groups such as: RichRap of The Stooies Bros, Emoe of Paystle Music, Nitris 211, Pryme Tracks/Last Laugh Records, Chunky Baby, Ray of Light Dance Studio, Raid, Bee-Locke, Reazon, just to name a few. Rashell has also been a ghost writer/vocalist for many talented artist. She will be a star to follow, shining more brilliant and vivid with every passing year. This sexy soulful songstress is multi-talented from her writing to her vocal ability. Her musical expression will inspire you her debut solo album “Fighting For Love” is set to be released the soon, make room on the Billboard charts_ for the sweet and raw sounds of Rashell.

If you want to find out more about the lovely Rashell then you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenges in Music

The current charity awareness craze going around social media is the Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea is to raise awareness for ALS by having a bucket of ice water thrown over you and then nominating someone else. The challenge has been running now for several weeks and we have seen such a wide range of celebraties and public figures take part, ranging from footballers and footballers wives, to former presidents of the US.

It is a great way to raise awareness, have a bit of fun and see a lot of celebrities get soaked at the same time. It is a fantastic portrayal of the power of social media

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is also known as motor neurone disease (MND) and Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a neurodegenerative disease, which causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has seen many casualties so far, but seeing as this is a music blog we are going to show you some of the best videos of famous musicians getting absolutely soaked!

He is definitely not everyone’s (if many people’s) cup of tea. But hey, we enjoyed seeing Justin Bieber have a bucket of ice thrown all over his scrawny ass!

Bret Michaels continues his awesomeness by completing the challenge live on stage:

What is this post lacking? Oh that’s right, hot ladies. Bring on Taylor Swift alongside Jamie King, who definitely got in to the spirit of things:

Bit of Britney you say?

For all you hoes out there here’s Dr Dre:

Remember Fall Out Boy? A bit of Dance Dance? Well you can see them here taking a fantastic bucket of ice water to the face. Take that you Blink 182 wannabees!

And of course, the challenge is a great way to also promote yourself – Enter Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters:

I have to say, I’m starting to enjoy seeing people I’ve looked up to (or absolutely detested) get soaked with ice water. Let’s continue with a bit of a Skyyyscrappeerrrrr (did you also know she featured in We The Kings’ single ‘We’ll be a dream‘? well you do now!:

Okay right, lets find two more of the best ALS Ice Bucket challenges in music to top it up to an even 10. Who do you want to get soaked next? It’s got to be that charismatic son of a bitch Jack Black. Warning, this video was filmed on a potato:

And last but not least lets go for a bit of ROCK! One of our all time favourite vocalists, whether it be heavy or melow we hear him SCREEAAAAM:

If you enjoyed this little gathering of videos for the ALS Ice bucket challenge, please follow us on Twitter & Facebook and be sure to check out all of our other features we randomly write when we’re bored.

If you’ve taken part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge why not leave a link to your video below!

Heiress to Atlas release ‘Heliotrope’ & Vanguard E.P

Nominated for two 2014 LA Music Awards under Social Media Artist and Dance/Electronica Artist, ‘Heliotrope’ is the latest single from the fantastic Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas are an emerging alternative electro rock/pop duo consisting of powerful vocalist Vidya Sethu and multi-talented instrumentalist Mac Thomas.

Born in London, raised in Singapore, and based in LA, Vidya has experienced many cultures and that shines through in their music. Having met on popular classified website Craigslist, they cemented both a musical and personal connection, creating Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas

It’s not a surprise that Heiress to Atlas are starting to create a lot of noise in the LA scene. With two nominations under their belt for this year alone, they have a fantastic online presence (with a kick ass website that you can check out here).

With a diverse cultural background, the band also draw from a wide range of musical influences. Marc’s instrumentation draws inspiration from a wide range of styles including melodic rock, urban, and of course electronica. Vidya’s vocals are powerful, expressive and full of soul, and mixed with their gritty lyrics the duo create a sound that is unique, captivating and a throwback to yesteryear.

The latest single ‘Heliotrope’ is a messy, uncontrollable mess of inspiration. It begins with a melodic 80′s synth riff, supported by blues inspired percussion, which is then followed by the rising of the metaphoric curtain and the introduction of the vocals. Vidya introduces herself into the track with the words ‘turn your flowers to the sun, reach to all we could become. Locked within a gilded cage’. The mesmerising and playful yet gritty lyrics really add to the beautiful melody created by the instrumental backing.

Listen to ‘Heliotrope’ here:

The duo have also released their three track E.P along with ‘Heliotrope’ by the name of ‘Vanguard’. If you like what you hear above make sure to follow them on all of their lovely social media sites and on Soundcloud as they’re due to release track 4 and 5 of the E.P within the next month or so.

Follow Heiress to Atlas on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud so you won’t miss out on their brand new tracks that are coming soon!

Music Used in Famous Online Slots Games

An online slots game that does not play music to players just won’t attract any of them, for which reason developers of online slots games use the best music and sound effects to give players a memorable gaming experience. While the background music soothes and relaxes casino players as they spin the reels, the sound effects encourage them to stick to the game and makes them feel like winners even if they have not won a great deal of money.

Playing Slots to Music

Players return to slots games that not only give them opportunities to boost their casino bankroll, but also play the best music when they spin its reels. All casino game developers use music and sound effects in their slots to attract and retain players. The most common game sounds are those created when the reels are set spinning and when players spin a winning combination. These sounds vary from game to game and players are free to turn them off if they find them too distracting.

The background music or the music that is played while players spin the reels of the slot makes the game unique as it is carefully selected to match the theme of the slot. For example, if the slot is based on the nature theme, it will play some soothing tunes as players spin its reels. Players also have the option of turning off the background music and listening to any other music of their choice as they play.

Great Movie Slots

The best music is incorporated in movie slots or slots based on movie themes, especially those available at online casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech.

Playtech’s Marvel slots and Microgaming’s The Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2, and Tomb Raider are immensely popular not only for their lucrative features, but also for the great music, sound effects, and video clips taken directly from the movies they are based on.

music slot machines

Feel Positive and Happy

According to a recent study conducted in Canada, the results of which are published in The Journal of Gambling Studies, slots music and sound effects make players feel positive and happy. The slot’s music and sound effects are capable of stimulating players and exciting them, making them feel elated and entertained even when they lose money or win small cash prizes. The music used in the most famous slots games increases optimism in players, giving them the “winner” feeling.


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