Slightly Left of Centre – Call Me for the Weekend

With their own brand of eclectic pop, Slightly Left of Centre are a trio of music lovers residing in Melbourne, Australia. Formed by close friends Vince and Mick, Slightly Left of Centre take a mix of 80’s and 90’s pop and infuse it with electronic and rock elements to result in one hell of a sound.

slightly left of centre

Since their formation in 2010 the band have been recording tracks in their own purpose built studios – so not only do they create their funky beats, they also produce and mix all of their own material as well.

Their new release entitled ‘Call me for the weekend’ tells you everything you need to know about the Australian outfit. Lots of fun, unbelievably funky, and just a little bit different, the track was released on the 6th June and has been impressing fans, old and new alike, who continue to show their support through social media.

‘Call me for the weekend’ is taken from their second album, which aims to showcase some of their most diverse material to date. Their first album ‘The Right Direction’ was released in 2012 to a very popular reaction and was even available to download for free! Now for a band who need to make a living from selling their music, this speaks absolute volumes about how much they love what they do – and it definitely comes across in their new single.

Definitely a people’s band, Slightly Left of Centre are going about things the right way! With great music, friendly personalities and their desire to deliver everything they can for their fans, SLC are ones to watch out for.

You can follow Slightly Left of Centre on Facebook and Twitter. Their social channels are constantly streaming with interesting updates, and for heaven’s sake buy the track here!

Foundry Sessions – from The Foundry Studios in Sheffield

The Foundry Studios is a commercial recording studio facility in the heart of Sheffield owned and run by production company SoundBytes Media who are dedicated to developing and supporting new music. The Foundry Session’s are recorded live with no tuning or over dubbing so artists are showcased for what they can really do. It offers a great platform to help promote both new and established artists alike.

Foundry Sessions

Check out some of the latest sessions here.

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The Moons release ‘Body Snatchers’

Formed in Northampton 2010, The Moons is the creation of singer, guitarist and songwriter, Andy Crofts. With two critically acclaimed albums to date, ‘Life On Earth’ (2010) and ‘Fables of History’ (2012), which was produced by The Moons and Stay Kybert, The Moons are purveyors of the great British pop song.

the moons

The latest single is their second release from their new album their new album ‘Mindwaves’. Their previous album entitled ‘Fables of history’ received good reviews and coverage, including an 8/10 review on NME – where reviewer Hamish MacBain wrote “the quality – of the harmonies, the instrumentation and most importantly the songs – is high, and remains so throughout.” And it’s only gotten better!

The new single ‘Body Snatchers’ takes influence from White Stripes, with it’s kaleidoscopic beat, crunchy riffs and powerful drumming. You can watch the new video below:

Andy Crofts has carved out a distinct and rebellious sound in The Moons’ new single ‘Body Snatchers’. Download the single from iTunes and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their official Website.

Shore Drive releases debut album “Color Blind”

Anthony Terlizzi dedicated his life to music at the University of New Hampshire when he formed the band Fake Empire with musical mastermind Brian Leahy and vocalist Emily Ranauro. Fake Empire became local favorites, playing numerous shows in the area, but only recorded a handful of songs in the time spent at UNH. Upon graduation in 2010, Fake Empire members dispersed.

shore drive music

Anthony moved back to his hometown Brewster, NY where he felt inspired by the surroundings in which he grew up in. He translated his surroundings into music, which led to the creation of his debut album, “Color Blind.” Color Blind embodies various styles of music. There are two instrumental tracks, “Heron” and “Tonetta.” There are songs that exemplify a singer-songwriter, acoustic feel which are influenced by artists such as Neil Young and Mark Kozelek. Color Blind also introduces grunge style rock songs including “Hydroplane” and “Fire Remains.” Everything you hear on the album was done by Anthony, and the album was even self produced. The album was recorded off the shore of the lake where he grew up in his home makeshift studio. “Color Blind” exemplifies the exuberance of Terlizzi’s craft combining elements of Rock and Folk with intimate guitar and vocal melodies.

Despite the title of the album being spelled incorrectly (that’s right we’re from the UK and proud!), the emotionally packed debut album from Shore Drive is one to remember. Sounding like a mix between the acoustical stylings of Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday and the post-rock instrumentals of God is an Astronaut, Anthony has crafted a great sound.

Follow Shore Drive on Twitter & Soundcloud - Check out ‘Color Blind’ right now on Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes.


L0m is a 21 year old producer out of Montreal. He makes music as a hobby and doesn’t really let any single genre define his sound.

His most recent songs can be streamed from his Soundcloud page below:

Cup 0f Love:

Year Ten:


L0m fuses beats, piano, synth and loops to help create his unique style. The vocals on A&R (Angels and Robots) are provided by Janis, and really adds to the melody and helps the track flow.

Follow L0m (Law Of Motion) on Soundcloud & Twitter.

Christos Mark – Don’t Call It Love

Christos Mark, New York born and raised, has just released his latest single ‘Don’t call it love’. The indie singer-songwriter entwines his Greek musical heritage in to his music in an original and innovative way, receiving a good response from the music industry.

christos mark

His music video ‘Call me’ was retweeted by VEVO to their 1.5 million followers, despite being a no-budget video shot in Mykonos, Greece. The video was produced by WNDRBRD (Grant Michaels) who is currently touring with Selena Gomez, and has produced hits with “SZA,” Oh Land and Courtney Love.

Christos Mark is now gearing-up to film his next music video for another new original single, “Don’t call it love”:

The Greek indie songster has been selling out gigs at some of New York’s most well known venues, such as the Bitter End and it’s easy to see why. ‘Don’t call it love’ is a well produced song which mixes some of the best indie sounds with Greek dance culture. The chorus will get stuck in your mind, the beat will get your foot tapping and Christos’ silky vocals will leave you wanting more. ‘Don’t call it love’ is unique, current and we like it a lot.

The track is produced by Tina Shafer. As a singer, songwriter, vocal coach and artistic director of the New York Songwriter’s Circle, Tina has helped to discover and/or develop the careers of many of today’s international top artists, such as Lana Del Rey, Norah Jones, , Avril Lavigne, Ducan Cummings (The Virgins), Tony-Award winner Billy Porter, and Vanessa Carlton. She has also written songs for Celine Dion and Donna Summer to name a few.

Tina and Christos have been working together on his new EP, so it’s safe to say that you’ll be hearing a lot more about Christos Mark and his new single ‘Don’t call it love’. Keep your eyes peeled!

Follow Christos on Twitter, Facebook & Soundcloud.

Alive Way – Big City

Alive Way is a self-funded pop/rock band from Lithuania founded in 2009 by Justinas Stanislovaitis. Since being formed, the group have released 5 digital albums and have performed at the open air festival Roko Naktys to a crowd of over 30,000.

“Our main mission is to help people feel happy and find peace in their souls, Alive Way songs represent the journey of life, and in life there is a lot of sorrow, joy, fighting, struggling, all these experiences and emotions are put into songs.”

Alive Way’s music style is classic rock played with modern attitude, inspired by artists like Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, and Eric Clapton. Take a listen to their single ‘Big City’ below:

Alive Way received awards for best voice and the best guitar in festivals “Cia ir Dabar” and “Grock” and also appeared on national TV in international song contest Eurovision 2011 and 2012.

Along with ‘Big City’ the band are best known for their hit songs ‘Amazed By You’, ‘Slipped Away’, ‘Summer Came Along’, ‘Christine’, ‘Distance’ and ‘Racing The Street Lights’.

‘Big City’ is a single from their new album ‘Starlight’, which is available for purchase on iTunes. You can also follow Alive Way on Facebook & Twitter.

Catalina Shortwave

It’s hard to place Catalina Shortwave in to a single genre. As a proud lo-fi group, they draw influences from punk, hard rock, country and even R&B. Catalina Shortwave commented on not limiting themselves to one genre: “the beauty and magic of music can happen when the strength of the songs and the passion of the performances overcomes the usual limitations of a DIY project”.

The group is formed of Brent, Marty and Dave. The three music veterans hail from New York/New England and write songs based upon their experiences in their lives. Ranging from lost love and heartbreak to the struggles in everday life, as well as the potential joys. Their album >>Repeater>> tells a story as they leave their blood on the strings.

Catalina Shortwave

“It Ain’t Cool To Say You’re From Seattle Anymore” is the last track on >>Repeater>> and drastically unlike the ones that precede it. The song is a story about a guy, a song about the fickleness of the music business, and big ‘up yours’ to Hipster hegemony, all rolled into one. Listen to the track below:

If you like what you hear, then give Catalina Shortwave a follow on Facebook , Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

Matthew James Allen releases ‘Don’t Let Go’

Matthew James Allen is a singer/songwriter from the tall pines of East Texas. Living life in the Town That Dreaded Sundown tends to lead the music from Texarkana into a dark direction. Some of that seems to bleed into the songs of Matthew James Allen…but for the most part, his music is introspective, positive, and inspiring.

His second single ‘Don’t Let Go’ was released today. Produced, recorded and mixed by award winning producer Frank Pryor, the acoustic track is as relaxing as it is inspiring. ‘Don’t Let Go’ is a beautifully mellow and lyrically moving song.

In the early days of Matt’s musical journey, he fronted the early 2000’s alternative rock band, Midwinter. The band garnered a modest fanbase with their single “Save Me” , which is where he first paired up with producer, Frank Pryor. This was the beginning of a long friendship and musical partnership that still flourishes today.

matthew james allen - don't let go

After Midwinter dissolved in the mid 2000’s, and encouraged by his friend and A – List songwriter, Michael Farren, Matt had the opportunity to relocate to Nashville, TN. This move was a very difficult, and rewarding phase in the journey. While in Nashville, Matt had the opportunity to get involved with the incredible songwriting scene. Having co-written with many of the town’s elite writers, Matt was confident that struggling to be noticed in Nashville would eventually pay off. Spending hours daily writing, meeting with different publishing companies and record labels, Matt was slowly getting into that inner circle. All the while back home in Texas, his father was slowly withering away. In 2012, Matt made the difficult decision to move back to Texarkana to be with his father during his last days.

Matt wasn’t sure what would be next for him on his musical journey. Landlocked in Texarkana…and by chance, he ran in to his old friend, and now award winning producer, Frank Pryor. The two decided to partner up again and release Matt’s music a single at a time on Frank’s fledgling record label, Artistry Entertainment Group. Getting away from the praise and worship, and country music that Nashville wanted Matt to write, the new partnership allows Matt to write songs that are true to himself. The songs are about faith, love, hope, and life….and everything in between. This is truely Matt’s diary, and his heart is open completely.

Follow Matthew James Allen on Facebook and buy his music on iTunes.

Shid Latta aka ShidLatta666 | Hip Hop from Baltimore

Shid Latta is an up and coming hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is bringing a new element of realness to today’s music he says.

His new single ‘Bet That’, produced by Sibling Jointz, is the first track from his next album ‘Love and Other Drugs’. Keeping the lyrics real by mixing emotion and experiences, Shid Latta invites us in to his life through his music. If you’re anything like us you’ll listen to ‘Bet That’ over and over again.

Shid Latta

Shid Latta incorporates his life into all his music and is working on changing the rap and hiphop industry for the better. He believes in being true to himself, and making music that reflects that. He feels that he is one of the most real and most genuine artists to ever create music of any kind. Shid Latta or ShidLatta666 isn’t some random combination of words that sound cool. It’s actually his name (Rashid Latta).

“The money, the drugs, the sex, and the people and situations involved, and all that makes me, me. All my music is based on my life and true to my heart…”

He felt that since he is making music that is so true to himself and who he is, shouldn’t his rap name be his own? No other words better reflect who he is, or are worthy of being associated so deeply with his career. His whole life in conveyed in the music. All the situations he’s been put in and had to go through, to the things that he experiences everyday are reflected. “My mindset and my life and everything in it, good or bad.”

Combine the sounds of Outkast, Biggie, UGK, JayZ, Eminem, JayZ, add a bit of rock and pop, and you have a sound close to Shid’s. As a child, he was immersed in all different types of music. From Queen, to Metallica and Nirvana. Music was part of his life. There are many musicians and singers in his life that have played a large part in influencing him to be the musician he is today.


Shid has been around rap his whole life. The first rap he ever wrote was only when he was 6 years old. That’s talent right there. How many people honestly write lyrical music when they are that young? Shid hasn’t been rapping his whole life. He got into it abruptly when he realized that all the music that was new and popular was basically boring shit to him. It had no message, and he felt they were lying about who they were in those songs, and the way they portrayed themselves. He decided he could do better. And so the grind began to be the realist and most genuine artist in the business.

Unlike many up and comers today, Shid’s main concern isn’t to be famous or to win a Grammy. He says his main goal is to be able to in a few years say that he is making a living do what he truly loves. And if that isn’t the case, he wants to be able to look back on his life and be truly happy with what he’s done and how he pursued his dreams. Isn’t that what we all really want in life? To look back at our years and be proud of how we spent them? But hey, fame and a Grammy award never hurt anyone either.

You can find his music on his website, YouTube, Reverberation & Soundcloud - and follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

The realist in the business.


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