Shid Latta aka ShidLatta666 | Hip Hop from Baltimore

Shid Latta is an up and coming hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is bringing a new element of realness to today’s music he says.

His new single ‘Bet That’, produced by Sibling Jointz, is the first track from his next album ‘Love and Other Drugs’. Keeping the lyrics real by mixing emotion and experiences, Shid Latta invites us in to his life through his music. If you’re anything like us you’ll listen to ‘Bet That’ over and over again.

Shid Latta

Shid Latta incorporates his life into all his music and is working on changing the rap and hiphop industry for the better. He believes in being true to himself, and making music that reflects that. He feels that he is one of the most real and most genuine artists to ever create music of any kind. Shid Latta or ShidLatta666 isn’t some random combination of words that sound cool. It’s actually his name (Rashid Latta).

“The money, the drugs, the sex, and the people and situations involved, and all that makes me, me. All my music is based on my life and true to my heart…”

He felt that since he is making music that is so true to himself and who he is, shouldn’t his rap name be his own? No other words better reflect who he is, or are worthy of being associated so deeply with his career. His whole life in conveyed in the music. All the situations he’s been put in and had to go through, to the things that he experiences everyday are reflected. “My mindset and my life and everything in it, good or bad.”

Combine the sounds of Outkast, Biggie, UGK, JayZ, Eminem, JayZ, add a bit of rock and pop, and you have a sound close to Shid’s. As a child, he was immersed in all different types of music. From Queen, to Metallica and Nirvana. Music was part of his life. There are many musicians and singers in his life that have played a large part in influencing him to be the musician he is today.


Shid has been around rap his whole life. The first rap he ever wrote was only when he was 6 years old. That’s talent right there. How many people honestly write lyrical music when they are that young? Shid hasn’t been rapping his whole life. He got into it abruptly when he realized that all the music that was new and popular was basically boring shit to him. It had no message, and he felt they were lying about who they were in those songs, and the way they portrayed themselves. He decided he could do better. And so the grind began to be the realist and most genuine artist in the business.

Unlike many up and comers today, Shid’s main concern isn’t to be famous or to win a Grammy. He says his main goal is to be able to in a few years say that he is making a living do what he truly loves. And if that isn’t the case, he wants to be able to look back on his life and be truly happy with what he’s done and how he pursued his dreams. Isn’t that what we all really want in life? To look back at our years and be proud of how we spent them? But hey, fame and a Grammy award never hurt anyone either.

You can find his music on his website, YouTube, Reverberation & Soundcloud - and follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

The realist in the business.

Zāna releases ‘Into My Bed’

Zāna, an up-coming 19 year old singer songwriter is a versatile musician from the Oakland Bay Area. She has performed with award winning SHS jazz band and a variety of local musicians. After collaborating with Grammy winning producers Tim Mitchell and George Noriega, Zāna is launching a solo career as a pop artist, with her release of her debut album coming later this year.

A gifted songwriter with a sultry voice, Zāna’s unique style, which fuses Arabic and Latin influences to create what she labels as her ‘gypsy-pop’ sound is both upbeat and soulful, allowing her to showcase her hip-shaking belly dancing moves while performing.

Zāna has just released her new single ‘Into My Bed’ which is very sexy and can be streamed below or on her Rebverbnation page:

And if that’s not enough to get your excited, take a look at her video teaser for the new single, which features clips from the music video for ‘Into My Bed’ and showcases her sexiness & make sure to follow Zāna on Facebook and Twitter.


We’d like to introduce to you today to a band by the name of AudioMonkeys, hailing from Chicago, USA. The four members who make up the newly formed rock band are Jason Draves (Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Production), Randy Raatz (Guitars, Vocals), Jared Woods (Vocals) & Ron Hilger (Bass, Vocals).

The band released their debut track on iTunes in May 2014, by the title of ‘Hope She’ll Be Happier’. The well produced, catchy rock number can also be listened to below:

Kick ass track right? Well without further delay let’s meet the band:


Audio Monkeys

Jason Draves

Guitarist of AudioMonkeys by day, Producer by night. Taught by his mentor and bandmate Randy Raatz he picked up a guitat at 11 and was unstoppable by 12! Graduating from M.I.W. in 2007 he found his 2nd love on the “Other Side Of The Glass” in recording and mixing.

Randy Raatz

Guitar playing at its very best, Raatz floats between rock, jazz and fusion with a talent, passion and taste that is immediately captivating. Currently playing in ” Audio Monkeys”, “The 7th Year” & “Psych Ward Psynphony”.

Jared Woods

Jared started singing at the age of 7 in his church youth choir & Quickly acquired a passion for music. His journey in music led him to move to Los Angeles to further pursue his music ambitions. The experience gained while in L.A he brought back to Chicago and has since joined AudioMonkeys as a “RockSoul” performer with hopes to make his mark in the industry.

Ron Hilger

Ron’s groove orientated, big bottom style of bass playing comes from a wealth of experience. Skilled in multiple styles ranging from traditional jazz to today’s power pop music and everything in between, Ron adds depth and subtle nuances to the bass section of AudioMonkeys.

You can follow AudioMonkeys on their website , Twitter & Facebook.

Introducing D’NME – The best rap artist of 2014

As an unsigned artist, Toronto based rapper D’NME has honed his craft extremely well: “I say and do whatever I want to whoever I want” representing his lyricism to the bone.

D’NME – our favourite rap artist of 2014


D’NME’s musical influences and variances of rapid and aggressive rapping styles, which stem from R&B and also rock – as can be heard in “The Stars”, which has over 4 million views alone! Because of this plethora of influence, D’NME has created an unparalleled Hip Hop presence.

As an independent rapper D’NME has already garnered millions of views on Youtube, with hits “The Stars” and “Can’t Nobody Do It My Way” gaining him critical acclaim. “Can’t Nobody Do It My Way” is the best rap track we’ve heard all year, with the sound consisting of something in-between Eminem’s best work on “The Marshall Mathers LP.

In the summer of 2011, D’NME was featured on multiple world renowned mixtapes ranging from DJ Drama, DJ Whiteowl to DJ Nyce and DJ Green Lantern. Also featured alongside many Hip Hop heavyweights, such as Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Lloyd Banks, and many others.

If you’re a fan of Hip Hop make sure to follow D’NME on Twitter, Facebook & website.

Karin Park – Shine (Stan G Remix)

Stan G appropriated the universe of Karin Park and delivering an emotional version of Shine. The mixing pop / electro / dark is perfectly balanced. The voice work, the symphonic part, the smell of synths… Stan G strikes again with his new remix and does not leave us feeling dissapointed.

Borin in Paris, France, Stan G is an electronic music composer with a unique approach.


France is a global hotspot for some of the best and most innovative electronic music out there: acts such as Daft Punk or Justice need no introduction.

Stan G carries the flag, creating eclectic music and defying definition with a catchy, immediate and versatile genre-blending approach, acquired over decades on the scene, pioneering early digital tools as well as enjoying timeless analog equipment.

Head over to his official website, where you will be able to browse through a collection of remixes and videos, and let the tracks tell you the rest of the story.

You can also listen to the track here:

The Magic Numbers on BT Sport (pictures)

The Magic Numbers performed live on Life’s a Pitch on BT Sport on 5th June 2014. Here are a few pictures of Romeo

The Magic Numbers are an English pop rock band which includes two pairs of brothers and sisters from Hanwell. Lead singer Romeo Stodart can be seen rehearsing here:

magic numbers

Performing ‘Shot in the dark’ from their latest album ‘Alias’, which was released in August 2013, The Magic Numbers performed to a small crowd on the football discussion show called Life’s a Pitch, which broadcasts on BT Sport.

magic numbers bt sport

And here’s a picture of The Magic Numbers performing in the BT Sport studio. If you’re a fan make sure to follow them on Twitter and buy ‘Alias’.

Metallica backlash for playing Glastonbury Festival

After being announced as headliners of Glastonbury, Metallica have come in for some stick this week.

Yesterday Mogwai dismissed Glastonbury headliners Metallica as being “shite” and “unbelievably bad.” The post-rock band will clash with the metal icons on the Saturday and they weren’t finished with their insults as Barry Burns (a member of Mogwai) talked about Metallica drummer, Lars Ulrich: “I can’t wait to hear that guy play the drums again – unbelievably bad… he’s terrible.”

Let’s take a look at the ‘unbelievably bad’ Metallica in action shall we as they performed ‘One’ at Download Festival in 2012. And a quiet note to Mogwai – if Lars Ulrich’s drumming in this is terrible, then please step up and deliver a cover of this iconic song at Glastonbury and I’ll quite happily eat my words:

Hatred has also been flooding in via social media due to lead singer, James Hetfield’s hobby – hunting. Fans have even started a petition on Facebook to try and ban Metallica from the festival, currently with around 14,000 likes. But with album titles ranging from ‘Kill ‘Em All’ to ‘Death Magnetic’, what do people expect? Do they think that metal icon James Hetfield might be up for a bit of knitting in his spare time? Perhaps he enjoys a nice game of cricket? No! This is James fucking Hetfield and he hunts!

Metal is metal. When you’re singing about death, killing, sex and the devil, I would presume to think that band might have an interest in the slightly more controversial hobbies. Plus, as long as it’s not illegal, what band members do in their own time should not affect what people think of their music. It’s like people having a go at Lady Ga Ga because she likes wearing sparkly clothes.

Oh not to mention that Michael Eavis, founder of Glastonbury, is actually a supporter of hunting – being quoted in The Guardian saying “I don’t hunt myself, but I support the people who want to hunt. With all that’s going on in the world, it was outrageous to ban it.”

A picture of James Hetfield hunting:

It’s very interesting to see how a metal band will be received at Glastobury. I’m sure the majority will absolutely love to see on of the most iconic bands of our generation perform live, however they represent everything metal – and that contradicts a lot of believes of regular Glastonbury go-ers.

So what do you think Glastonbury fans and metal fans alike – are Metallica a good fit for Glastonbury? And will the festival go down as one of the best in recent memory, or will it represent a slightly failed experiment at bringing a heavier side to on of the most popular UK music festivals?

Sarantos releases ‘A Sunny Day’

Sarantos, first mentioned on The Music Mag when he released ‘I’d Give Anything’ last month, will be releasing a new single every month for the next two years. Sticking true to his word here is Sarantos’ 6th single ‘A Sunny Day’:

Sarantos – A Sunny Day

Each month part of the proceeds of each song will help 11 charities including American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude’s, Hellenic Academy, ASERF, American Red Cross, Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago Medical School, Thanioton Society & the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This song’s proceeds will go towards the Thanioton Society.

Sarantos’ music has received rave reviews so far, and the pop musician relishes the chance to pursue his life long dream. His sound has been described as “an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80′s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!”

You can follow Sarantos on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud - as well as buy his music from iTunes.

England 2014 World Cup songs

The World Cup is merely days away and lots of musicians are jumping on the bandwagon with their own World Cup songs. Gary Barlow was due to release the official England World Cup song, but it was so bad that it has been axed. Believe me, it is just that bad. The song sums up everything wrong with the music industry, mixing extremely over the top auto-tuning and not to mention it is a cover of a Take That song:

So when was the last good England song? We’d probably go all the way back to Euro ’96 with Badiel & Skinner & The Lightning Seed’s ‘Three lions’, but we can’t leave you with the terrible England World Cup song above. So we’ve found a few alternatives that are perhaps a little better.

Marcus Day featuring Cormack Bangers and Mash’s World Cup song features a bunch of middle aged guys singing in a pub with a woman in scantily clad clothing. Pretty English to be fair:

‘We Are Engerland’ by Three Brians is a more techno rendition of a traditional Engerland chant:

Sound Champion with Eastender’s Neil McDermott have got behind England with their catchy track ‘Bring Back The Roar’:

So there you are, probably our front runners for the England World Cup song – I think it’s safe to say we’ll be sticking to ’3 Lions’ and ‘Vindaloo’ as we cheer on England in the pub this summer.

Loopsy Dazy giving away ‘Alalia Remixes’ EP for free

As a thank you to their fans for reaching 10,000 views on their video of ‘Alalia (Live Looping Jam)’, Loopsy Dazy are giving away their EP ‘Alalia Remixes’ for free.

Click the link above to download their EP from Bandcamp and take a listen to their video below:

Loopsy Dazy was created by Colorado-born, Halifax via Kyoto-bred, Toronto-based musician and producer, Mikey Dorje. Joined by Eleanor Edgar on violin and Brad Weber (Caribou / Pick a Piper) on drums, their dynamic and unique approach to music has earned the band considerable recognition; Producing official remixes of artists such as BT, Austra, Pick a Piper and others, as well as composing music for a documentary film that is getting screenings worldwide are just a few of things that have been keeping the band busy since their launch in September, 2010.

Loopsy Dazy has been consistently delighting audiences and rocking dance floors in Toronto, New York City, Montreal, Halifax, Newfoundland and surrounding areas; They have played Evolve Festival, NXNE and OM Festival and are a resident band at Archi-textures, a notable Toronto weekly dance music event. When they perform live, there is no use of pre-recorded loops or bedtracks whatsoever. The band plays their instruments which they loop, layer, tweak, trigger and re-trigger in real time to create a symphony of sound that combines elements of both electronic and acoustic music.


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