Must Hear Music: March 2012

After a very close vote on Facebook The Music Mag has decided to feature both the lovely singer songwriter called Cocabelle and metal heads One-Shot-Kill for the month of March. They will have their songs on our lovely side bar there to the right hand side for March.

Cocabelle – Never Wanna See You Smile

One-Shot-Kill – Come Out Alive

Arch 1 New Year and Beyond

I opened the mysterious-looking metal door…behind which was a curtain opening out into a compact little club that feels like someones front room.

The band played blues, many classics, but what was really amazing was that many of the musicians were multiskilled, the bassist also created a stunning laser lighting concept and handled smoke machines. One of the guitarists also sang and then went on to play some stunning riffs on a sax. The owner sings and also
works the bar and so it goes on. The quality of the music was a good blend of classic blues, the musicans were of an excellent calibre and it was enjoyable to watch in such an intimate atmosphere, created very individually by both the architecture of
being under an arch and also the interesting decor. Its very cosy, unpretentious and entry was free, drinks were reasonably priced and tea and coffee are served there.

Tucked away just round the corner from Star Lane DLR, this is one of Londons largely undiscovered hidden treasures. This venue also has regular events such as jam sessions and lots of other stuff going on throughout the year.

On a Light Note...Bassist / Laser Tech Jim

A Soft Spot for Acoustic

What is it that draws someone to the sound of acoustic singer songwriters? It is definitely a sound like no other.

Is it the raw vulnerability that that the song offers? Perhaps it’s the pure sound that allows no frills, no editing, no falseness. All I know is I like it.

Here’s 5 songs to wet your appetite for acoustic guitar, ranging from well known hits to those lesser known and even a couple of guys in their bedroom covering a classic. Enjoy:

Please leave links to your favourite acoustic songs as well.

Must Hear: Neo-Classical

Neoclassical Music
This is a new feature of The Music Mag.

Every week we will be posting Must Hear Music, featuring a different type of music, which is a relatively unknown genre. As our first week we will start out with one of my favourites.


Anyone that is a regular on here knows that I freekin love these guys, and it’s one reason to make this post – so that I can help more people find this band. The way the music builds up, climaxes, and the “big band” feel they provide makes them feel Neo-Classical to me. They use electrical instruments, but who’s to say that isn’t the way of the future for Classical music? Well, Neo-Classical anyway.

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros are interesting. Some songs resemble classical music, with piano and strings creating an atmosphere like which I have never heard, but then others are experimental, louder and not so classical. Nevertheless they need a mention. The songs that fit in to this category are probably some of the best. Make sure you listen to this one:


(taken from LastFM)
Triarii is a German martial industrial act. They combine martial industrial with neo-classical and even neo-military pop.
The name of the group comes from Latin: The Triarii (Latin singular: triarius) was the third standard line of infantry of the Roman Republic’s army. Its name is related to the Latin word tres (“three”), ultimately derived from Proto-Indo-European *trei-.

After some feedback on reddit, I’d like to say this is what neo-classical music is to me. It definitely does not agree with popular classifications and I’m by no means an expert on the subject. The following are just a few bands I feel are good and I believe to fit in to this genre.


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