Vin Deca

Vin Deca is a positive ardent electronic and dance music composer, producer and artist with an unmistakable afro-latin influence currently recording dance, pop, Afro-, latin-, deep-, electro-, and progressive house.

Working as a songwriter, composer, producer and mix engineer in Germany since 2002, confining only to one genre or style of music has been out of question for the Cameroonian born keyboardist and bass guitarist.

Even though four on the floor has always been default for his musical programming, it was not until 2013 that he decided to make his ancient love affair with dance music public with the release of a dance album.

Vin Deca

It all began as one of those delightful accidents. He received an order from a client to compose dance music, which was his first creative exposure to the genre in years. Long before finishing the project, the dance bug had bitten him so badly that he has never stopped crafting dance tracks ever since.

Vin Deca celebrates his colossal passion for people and especially dancing people in the album “Electro Positive plus”. Carrying two decades in the studio on his clock as a musician, producer and engineer; in Africa and in Europe, Vin Deca blends in “Electro Positive” the unmistakable Afro – Latin signature with elements of Swedish and Progressive and deep House.

Listen to Vin Deca’s latest single ‘Holding Tight Your Dream‘ and follow Hitsmith Records on Twitter.

Damn Glad

DAMN GLAD is headed up by singer/guitarist/songwriter Matt Kurzban, Jeff Baker on drums and Gio Giovanni on bass. Their energy and style of soulful power rock keeps you humming for hours while succinct, lyrical content will help you get out of bed in the morning. 

Damn Glad

DG released their 3rd album “It’s Always Something” and have 2 previous albums “Not For Nothing” and “And That’s That!” DG has shared the stage with national acts while pounding the NYC/Brooklyn rock scene. Having appeared on network tv, their music has been featured in indie films, reality shows and on various cable channels such as MTV & VH1.

Watch Damn Glad – Crawl Back below:

High energy and personality is DG’s formula for putting on a show worth mention. The driving guitars, infectious grooves and memorable melodies/harmonies distinguish their sound as a power trio keeping it real. No gimmicks. Just catchy, driving rock with attitude!

 Their power and honesty shine through with songs ranging from tough grooving toe tappers, soulful ballads to dark melodic rockers.

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The Warchild

Created by the union of a Dominican mother and a Martiniquan father, The Warchild’s upbringing was filled with music of every genre; classical, opera, reggae, or country music. Douglas, his older brother was a 90’s music enthusiast and D.J. during family gatherings; which included small events as well as recorded mix-tapes that would be passed around among friends. Watching his brother mixing records and CD’s in awe sparked something inside the young child. Thus the music addiction began and The Warchild was born!

the warchild

Growing up The Warchild was inspired by a plethora of artist stemming from many different musical denominations and backgrounds. This includes Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Kassav, Francky Vincent, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, 50 Cent, Snap, Paul Oakenfold, Kyau & Albert, Swedish House Mafia, Kenny Rogers and more… (Not in any particular order). Influenced by a myriad of talented artists, The Warchild’s musical aspirations began with writing intricate sociological lyrics that are not only catchy in tune, but relatable as well. As the years progressed the artist began using his cultural vernacular to express his thoughts by assimilating them into his musical stylings.

His multi-ethnic heritage being a key component, The Warchild displays this fundamental aspect of his identity through his sound. “MY LIFE IN HIGH DEFINITION” is the product of these countless life experiences. The album was developed during a challenging period in his life. It was a rather dark period in The Warchild’s journey which entailed more downs than ups!

Despite the tumult, out of this darkness came a positive outcome; MLIHD became a reality. With the contribution of ARES- a long time friend since the formative years of high school with an uncanny aptitude to spit out amazing lyrics; the gifted DJ/Producer Nemoz from Barcelona, and the invaluable contribution of musical genius De Elusive and M.A. whom not only produced this latest project; but was instrumental as a comrade in arms who stood fast beside his friend through his difficult moments; so that the world can now know THE WARCHILD!

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Timeless Journey

Introducing Timeless Journey, a small independent musical collaboration project in the electronic/dance genre. Residing in Sheffield, UK, Timeless Journey have been together since 2011, initially beginning as a one man project but going on to gain more members in the last few years. With the addition of more members the collaboration’s aim has changed from instrumental and ambience to more of a dance vibe.

TJ released their first album titled ‘The Voyager’s Saga’ back in 2012, featuring a worldly influence and a chilled vibe. This year brings bigger and even better things with the release of their double album ‘Drawing a Line’. The new album contains their most recent singles ‘Vododeo’, ‘Alive’, ‘Castaway’ and ‘Dispstick’. Take a listen to ‘Dipstick’ below:

Timeless Journey take influences from a wide range of musical talents, including Phillip Glass, Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel, right through to Moby, Mylo, FSOL and Underworld. The wide range of influences from dance, chillout, and electronica really come through to create an intoxicating mix in their music.

Their new album ‘Drawing a Line’ is out now to buy on iTunes. If you like what you hear and want to keep up to date then make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Chris Jane

Chris Jane is a Singer/Songwriter and Actress. She’s been featured in motion picture films, television network productions, and print publications such as American Idol, Law & Order SVU, CSI Miami, The Bounty Hunter, Brooklyn’s Finest, Transformers 2, The Wire, The Good Wife, Maxim/FHM.

chris jane

She is actively recording her upcoming album “Girl No. 6″ set to release later this year. Chris Jane is more than an entertainer, she’s an artist with passion. Her voice delivers electric shocks that brilliantly connects the dots between Pop, Retro 80’s & 90’s R&B and EDM, all while producing a seductively soulful sound.

Meet your new favorite artist Chris Jane in her new single ‘The Only One‘:

With a beautiful tone and a powerful command of her vocals, Chris is one to watch. Follow the lovely Chris Jane on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Paul Maged releases Diamonds & Demons

“If you don’t know who you are you’ll find out some day,” The lyrics exploded to life as the chorus to Paul Maged‘s song ‘Look at me’ kicks in.

His new album ‘Diamonds & Demons’ is a follow up to his debut record ‘In my time’ and is produced by multi-platinum producer Sean Gill.

Paul Maged

Maged’s new music announces an exciting and uncompromising voice in Alternative Rock. His songs have depth and explore concepts, social issues and universal themes such as climate change, human warfare, religion and today’s evolving society, that are very passionate to Maged, creating a unique vision through his music.

Maged quickly found his niche in songwriting, which he had explored from early childhood. After his father suddenly passed away, he wrote the songs that would make up his first record, In My Time, a pop-rock album with a raw, garage band feel. One of the songs recorded for the album, “Falling Down,” would appear multiple times on MTV’s long running show “Think Again Sex Myths Revealed.”

“Look At Me” (awhich you can hear above), the first single from the album, has quickly generated positive buzz, including good feedback from thecutpricejukebox, which read “Look at Me is a stirring blast of bile against posers who have no substance. Propelled by the kind of guitar sound that Elvis Costello made popular, Look at Me is a monster of a mission statement.”

Look At Me is a biting view of elitism in today’s ‘ME’ society, encased in a punk rock/grunge skeleton.
Paul Maged is an artist for a new age, having taken the common definition of a Singer-Songwriter and blown it away, creating his own sound infused with punk, grunge, classic rock, indie pop and balladeer, in the form of an Alternative Rock Artist.

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Brenton is a lyrical artist, songwriter & shit-sayer, based in Miama, Flordia in the United States.

Here he said, the dream became more reality. “the lights came on, and I felt ready, it just felt natural.” Since his start, Brenton has opened for such artists as David Banner, Bone Thugs, Wale, J. Cole, B.O. B, Big K.R.I.T., CyHi The Prince, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Method Man & Redman. He’s even done a small impromptu performance with, then newcomer, Asher Roth.


Listen to ‘Catch Up’ above, which is produced by Elite Producers.

Noted for his second mixtape, “The Brenton Brown Affair, Brenton reached an impressive 10,000 downloads in just under a week on DatPiff. Both of His music videos for “Peep The Sneaks” and “Lemme Know” broke the 20k mark in just a few days, adding to his growing buzz. Since working on music with notable names such as Joe Budden, Emilio Rojas Jaiden “The Cure” and producer Black The Beast, Brenton said he’s ready for his next steps. “I’m just ready to be heard, so keep your ears open.”

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Introducing Avion Blackstone

Avion Blackstone is a straight edge lyrical singer / songwriter from Austin, Texas. Her new single ‘Backstage Hero’ is out soon.

Born to a conservative family, Avion Blackstone grew up with first hand experience religious inequality. As a poet and pianist, she began writing music at the tender age of 3. Her style is an original pairing of big pop sound with layers of meaningful lyrics. Also being obsessed with symbolism, Avion writes her music including metaphors for life, gender and sex issues, as well as world events.

Avion has a strong following on Twitter due to her meaningful lyrics and interesting updates, often interacting directly with her fans. She calls her fans ‘Aviants’.

Avion Blackstone

You can hear her music being played on Streetseekers radio, 98.2 The Beat, Beatsta and Blockz Radio. Her first radio interview on MJWJ’s ‘To Be Honest’ garnered high praise from the hosts for her quality music. You can watch for her two upcoming magazine spreads in The Underground Fix in November and in Blockz Mayhem’s inaugural issue this fall.

Although Avion would not describe her music as unique, but rather a representation of herself as an artist, industry people are comparing her to unique sound of Lady Gaga. Her songs are refreshing and deep with meaning while the quality of her music is equivalent to that of top tier stars. She credits her perfectionism…her fans credit her talent.

She is currently preparing for the release of Backstage Hero, a new single from her ‘Anything For Diamonds’ project, in the fall/winter of 2014. She resides in Austin TX with her kitten Egypt. You can stay updated on Avion’s music and events by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

Heiress to Atlas release ‘Heliotrope’ & Vanguard E.P

Nominated for two 2014 LA Music Awards under Social Media Artist and Dance/Electronica Artist, ‘Heliotrope’ is the latest single from the fantastic Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas are an emerging alternative electro rock/pop duo consisting of powerful vocalist Vidya Sethu and multi-talented instrumentalist Mac Thomas.

Born in London, raised in Singapore, and based in LA, Vidya has experienced many cultures and that shines through in their music. Having met on popular classified website Craigslist, they cemented both a musical and personal connection, creating Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas

It’s not a surprise that Heiress to Atlas are starting to create a lot of noise in the LA scene. With two nominations under their belt for this year alone, they have a fantastic online presence (with a kick ass website that you can check out here).

With a diverse cultural background, the band also draw from a wide range of musical influences. Marc’s instrumentation draws inspiration from a wide range of styles including melodic rock, urban, and of course electronica. Vidya’s vocals are powerful, expressive and full of soul, and mixed with their gritty lyrics the duo create a sound that is unique, captivating and a throwback to yesteryear.

The latest single ‘Heliotrope’ is a messy, uncontrollable mess of inspiration. It begins with a melodic 80’s synth riff, supported by blues inspired percussion, which is then followed by the rising of the metaphoric curtain and the introduction of the vocals. Vidya introduces herself into the track with the words ‘turn your flowers to the sun, reach to all we could become. Locked within a gilded cage’. The mesmerising and playful yet gritty lyrics really add to the beautiful melody created by the instrumental backing.

Listen to ‘Heliotrope’ here:

The duo have also released their three track E.P along with ‘Heliotrope’ by the name of ‘Vanguard’. If you like what you hear above make sure to follow them on all of their lovely social media sites and on Soundcloud as they’re due to release track 4 and 5 of the E.P within the next month or so.

Follow Heiress to Atlas on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud so you won’t miss out on their brand new tracks that are coming soon!

Anie – Lovekill

“I exist to edify every person’s pursuit of the illusive.” A quote from Anie that showcases her creative, mysterious and eclectic style.

Anie is a new artist that shrouds herself in mystery. Not only do we not know anything about her, we are left wondering whether she even exists. Rumours are that Anie was created by a collective of artists from the east coast, however some believe that she exists in human form. The project is mostly a mystery, so far consisting of strange films filled with ambient strings, noise and flickering frames. She has rarely spoken publicly, but has made a brief statement on her social media accounts, describing her goal to “reconcile the vast loneliness and absurdity of existence,” as well as her intent to release an upcoming short album, named Lovekill.

Lovekill is a beautiful and powerful introduction for Anie and can be listened to below:

An astonishing collection of intricate pop songs, Lovekill is set to be released on August 22, 2014. The EP will be available, in its entirety, for free streaming and download from Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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