Heiress to Atlas release ‘Heliotrope’ & Vanguard E.P

Nominated for two 2014 LA Music Awards under Social Media Artist and Dance/Electronica Artist, ‘Heliotrope’ is the latest single from the fantastic Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas are an emerging alternative electro rock/pop duo consisting of powerful vocalist Vidya Sethu and multi-talented instrumentalist Mac Thomas.

Born in London, raised in Singapore, and based in LA, Vidya has experienced many cultures and that shines through in their music. Having met on popular classified website Craigslist, they cemented both a musical and personal connection, creating Heiress to Atlas.

Heiress To Atlas

It’s not a surprise that Heiress to Atlas are starting to create a lot of noise in the LA scene. With two nominations under their belt for this year alone, they have a fantastic online presence (with a kick ass website that you can check out here).

With a diverse cultural background, the band also draw from a wide range of musical influences. Marc’s instrumentation draws inspiration from a wide range of styles including melodic rock, urban, and of course electronica. Vidya’s vocals are powerful, expressive and full of soul, and mixed with their gritty lyrics the duo create a sound that is unique, captivating and a throwback to yesteryear.

The latest single ‘Heliotrope’ is a messy, uncontrollable mess of inspiration. It begins with a melodic 80′s synth riff, supported by blues inspired percussion, which is then followed by the rising of the metaphoric curtain and the introduction of the vocals. Vidya introduces herself into the track with the words ‘turn your flowers to the sun, reach to all we could become. Locked within a gilded cage’. The mesmerising and playful yet gritty lyrics really add to the beautiful melody created by the instrumental backing.

Listen to ‘Heliotrope’ here:

The duo have also released their three track E.P along with ‘Heliotrope’ by the name of ‘Vanguard’. If you like what you hear above make sure to follow them on all of their lovely social media sites and on Soundcloud as they’re due to release track 4 and 5 of the E.P within the next month or so.

Follow Heiress to Atlas on Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud so you won’t miss out on their brand new tracks that are coming soon!

Anie – Lovekill

“I exist to edify every person’s pursuit of the illusive.” A quote from Anie that showcases her creative, mysterious and eclectic style.

Anie is a new artist that shrouds herself in mystery. Not only do we not know anything about her, we are left wondering whether she even exists. Rumours are that Anie was created by a collective of artists from the east coast, however some believe that she exists in human form. The project is mostly a mystery, so far consisting of strange films filled with ambient strings, noise and flickering frames. She has rarely spoken publicly, but has made a brief statement on her social media accounts, describing her goal to “reconcile the vast loneliness and absurdity of existence,” as well as her intent to release an upcoming short album, named Lovekill.

Lovekill is a beautiful and powerful introduction for Anie and can be listened to below:

An astonishing collection of intricate pop songs, Lovekill is set to be released on August 22, 2014. The EP will be available, in its entirety, for free streaming and download from Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

The Moons release ‘Body Snatchers’

Formed in Northampton 2010, The Moons is the creation of singer, guitarist and songwriter, Andy Crofts. With two critically acclaimed albums to date, ‘Life On Earth’ (2010) and ‘Fables of History’ (2012), which was produced by The Moons and Stay Kybert, The Moons are purveyors of the great British pop song.

the moons

The latest single is their second release from their new album their new album ‘Mindwaves’. Their previous album entitled ‘Fables of history’ received good reviews and coverage, including an 8/10 review on NME – where reviewer Hamish MacBain wrote “the quality – of the harmonies, the instrumentation and most importantly the songs – is high, and remains so throughout.” And it’s only gotten better!

The new single ‘Body Snatchers’ takes influence from White Stripes, with it’s kaleidoscopic beat, crunchy riffs and powerful drumming. You can watch the new video below:

Andy Crofts has carved out a distinct and rebellious sound in The Moons’ new single ‘Body Snatchers’. Download the single from iTunes and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their official Website.


L0m is a 21 year old producer out of Montreal. He makes music as a hobby and doesn’t really let any single genre define his sound.

His most recent songs can be streamed from his Soundcloud page below:

Cup 0f Love:

Year Ten:


L0m fuses beats, piano, synth and loops to help create his unique style. The vocals on A&R (Angels and Robots) are provided by Janis, and really adds to the melody and helps the track flow.

Follow L0m (Law Of Motion) on Soundcloud & Twitter.

Shid Latta aka ShidLatta666 | Hip Hop from Baltimore

Shid Latta is an up and coming hip hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is bringing a new element of realness to today’s music he says.

His new single ‘Bet That’, produced by Sibling Jointz, is the first track from his next album ‘Love and Other Drugs’. Keeping the lyrics real by mixing emotion and experiences, Shid Latta invites us in to his life through his music. If you’re anything like us you’ll listen to ‘Bet That’ over and over again.

Shid Latta

Shid Latta incorporates his life into all his music and is working on changing the rap and hiphop industry for the better. He believes in being true to himself, and making music that reflects that. He feels that he is one of the most real and most genuine artists to ever create music of any kind. Shid Latta or ShidLatta666 isn’t some random combination of words that sound cool. It’s actually his name (Rashid Latta).

“The money, the drugs, the sex, and the people and situations involved, and all that makes me, me. All my music is based on my life and true to my heart…”

He felt that since he is making music that is so true to himself and who he is, shouldn’t his rap name be his own? No other words better reflect who he is, or are worthy of being associated so deeply with his career. His whole life in conveyed in the music. All the situations he’s been put in and had to go through, to the things that he experiences everyday are reflected. “My mindset and my life and everything in it, good or bad.”

Combine the sounds of Outkast, Biggie, UGK, JayZ, Eminem, JayZ, add a bit of rock and pop, and you have a sound close to Shid’s. As a child, he was immersed in all different types of music. From Queen, to Metallica and Nirvana. Music was part of his life. There are many musicians and singers in his life that have played a large part in influencing him to be the musician he is today.


Shid has been around rap his whole life. The first rap he ever wrote was only when he was 6 years old. That’s talent right there. How many people honestly write lyrical music when they are that young? Shid hasn’t been rapping his whole life. He got into it abruptly when he realized that all the music that was new and popular was basically boring shit to him. It had no message, and he felt they were lying about who they were in those songs, and the way they portrayed themselves. He decided he could do better. And so the grind began to be the realist and most genuine artist in the business.

Unlike many up and comers today, Shid’s main concern isn’t to be famous or to win a Grammy. He says his main goal is to be able to in a few years say that he is making a living do what he truly loves. And if that isn’t the case, he wants to be able to look back on his life and be truly happy with what he’s done and how he pursued his dreams. Isn’t that what we all really want in life? To look back at our years and be proud of how we spent them? But hey, fame and a Grammy award never hurt anyone either.

You can find his music on his website, YouTube, Reverberation & Soundcloud - and follow him on Facebook & Twitter.

The realist in the business.


We’d like to introduce to you today to a band by the name of AudioMonkeys, hailing from Chicago, USA. The four members who make up the newly formed rock band are Jason Draves (Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Production), Randy Raatz (Guitars, Vocals), Jared Woods (Vocals) & Ron Hilger (Bass, Vocals).

The band released their debut track on iTunes in May 2014, by the title of ‘Hope She’ll Be Happier’. The well produced, catchy rock number can also be listened to below:

Kick ass track right? Well without further delay let’s meet the band:


Audio Monkeys

Jason Draves

Guitarist of AudioMonkeys by day, Producer by night. Taught by his mentor and bandmate Randy Raatz he picked up a guitat at 11 and was unstoppable by 12! Graduating from M.I.W. in 2007 he found his 2nd love on the “Other Side Of The Glass” in recording and mixing.

Randy Raatz

Guitar playing at its very best, Raatz floats between rock, jazz and fusion with a talent, passion and taste that is immediately captivating. Currently playing in ” Audio Monkeys”, “The 7th Year” & “Psych Ward Psynphony”.

Jared Woods

Jared started singing at the age of 7 in his church youth choir & Quickly acquired a passion for music. His journey in music led him to move to Los Angeles to further pursue his music ambitions. The experience gained while in L.A he brought back to Chicago and has since joined AudioMonkeys as a “RockSoul” performer with hopes to make his mark in the industry.

Ron Hilger

Ron’s groove orientated, big bottom style of bass playing comes from a wealth of experience. Skilled in multiple styles ranging from traditional jazz to today’s power pop music and everything in between, Ron adds depth and subtle nuances to the bass section of AudioMonkeys.

You can follow AudioMonkeys on their website , Twitter & Facebook.

The Rockin45s | America’s favourite party band

The Rockin45s might be considered a little bit different to your usual classic rock cover band. Featuring marathon sets of high energy renditions of party material spanning the entire history of rock and roll, they also feed in a few current pop hits. Whilst keeping true to the original song, their high energy covers should appeal to audiences of all ages.

Their new single ‘Welcome to the Summer of 2014′ is out now and can be listened to here.

The Rockin45s

The Rockin45s have been filling dance floors for the past 11 years, having evolved from a rock-a-billy band called The Houndogs in October of 2001, by a group of middle aged guys who were high school chums. Current front man Mike Scarione and guitarist Matt Nappo were the founding members, although Matt was the band’s drummer at the start. Bassist Bill Capozzi joined in the Summer of 2002, when the band started gigging regularly under the name CA3, (The Carlos Allende’ Trio).

In June of 2003, the band played it’s first gig on the Freeport Nautical Mile at venue called Water Lilly’s. That night the band never took a break and ended up playing 5 1/2 hours. The energy that came from the non-stop set resulted in the club owners asking for an exclusive long-term commitment from the band. From that night on the band played the Nautical Mile and average of 2-3 times every week and built a loyal fan base in the area

The Rockin45s have gone through a lot of changes over the years, but as a result have matured and refined their show to become one of the most unique acts in entertainment in the world.

Drummer Mike Barone (joined in late July of 2004) and Bassist Bill Capozzi spoke of the 45′s records they had as a kid and the selection of songs the band played. Some of the tunes such as “I Saw Her standing There”, by the Beatles I still have up in the closet in my blue carrying case as part of my 45 collection. In the green carrying case I have the original 45 “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. With this conversation the name “Rockin45′s” stuck.

Follow Rockin45′s on their website.


Sampahh is a clear example of a fairy tale of a young optimistic boy from Africa who, like everybody else, experiences tribulations on his way to triumph. He believes his job is to reconnect as many souls as he comes in contact with to our first purpose. This he tries to do with his music. Music is medicine for the soul.


Sampahh’s influences range from the wonderful Stevie Wonder to Osibisa, Carla bruni, John Legend and The Beatles and the diverse range of artists shines through in his music – making him much more than just an average hip-hop artist. Sampahh mixes beautiful melodies with crazy hooks and catchy lyrics, he’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Listen to ‘Take a Chance’ below, which features Young Dapper (Capstone/Black Avenue Muzik):

Sampahh has a new EP coming out called ‘Songs from the Centre of my world’. You can follow Sampahh on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Callifornia based producer UNDOCUMENT has released his second album ‘Pleasures’, stating that he wanted to make music that people pay attention to:

“With my second album, I really wanted to break out of the mindset of ‘background music’ and do it a little more traditionally this time. I just wanted to put all these new songs front and center.”

The electronic / hip-hop producer has moved away from the ambience found in his debut release ‘Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers’ and followed up with an 18 track record which is decidedly more powerful, making it hard not to take notice.

Undocument - pleasures

Pleasures is blissfully brilliant. If you only download one electronic hip-hop album this year then look no further.

What really sets this new release apart is how undocument has expanded his instrumental roots by involving multi-talented vocalist MaQui Sainz on breakout track “This Lullaby”. Additionally, tracks such as the brooding “Melancholian” or the dysfunctional faux R&B track “Slumberous” all expand the sonic palette for the Long Beach, Ca. based producer, where a subtle recurring piano melody, a spacious driving beat, or even a detuned choir sample combine to make the album an emotional and accessible listen.

In addition to finishing up the album, undocument is also working on a brand new music video for “This Lullaby” as well as performing a number of upcoming shows designed to promote Pleasures in the next few weeks.

Follow Undocument on Twitter, Facebook & the offical Undocument website.

Jamie Coon

Jamie Coon has released her new album ‘Day after Day’. Her music features a soul-pop style with timeless quality brought together by well crafted, melodic songs performed with passion and personality. Based in Oklahoma, USA, Jamie’s heartfelt deliveries ranges from the anthemic to the angelic, supported well by her backing band.

Day After Day is not just the title of her new album, but also the theme. When asked about her songs Jamie explained: “my songs are really just about things most of us go through in our journey through life.”

Jamie Coons - day after day

Each of the ten songs on the album has its own distinct flavor and Jamie and her band easily slide from arena rock thunder to laid back funk to a back porch lullaby.

“It’s all the stuff I grew up listening to, from Otis Redding to Aretha Franklin, Elton John & the Beatles” says Jamie.

The result is an album that takes you on an emotional & musical ride- sometimes joyful, sometimes bittersweet, but always hopeful.

The first record ‘Everything So Far’ was made with “chewing gum & rubber bands” Jamie jokingly suggested “but it turned out pretty well, and it got me out there in front of people”.

And it did – Jamie performed gigs at Smithsonian & Kennedy Center in support of the album and won awards at both the Orange County Music Awards and the Native eMusic Awards.

Songs from the album were also heavily featured in several films including the Cannes-screened Deceit with Joe Pantoliano & the indie-comedy Long-Term Relationship plus the TV series Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt… not bad for chewing gum & rubber bands!

As well as working on her album, Jamie also wrote the theme song to ‘I am Nancy’, which was a documentary about Heather Langenkamps’ role as Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise. As a big horror fan, Jamie loved the challenge of creating a slightly different tone and style. “That was part of what was fun- it was totally different from what I usually do. Id love to do more horror movie related music on the side.”

Follow Jamie on Twitter and Facebook, and if you like what you hear make sure to download her album and let your friends now how amazing she is.


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