Music Features

The Music Mag writes features from time to time that look in to various topics and then shares them with it’s readers.

Advice for Unsigned Bands | With the Fearless Vampire Killers

Festival Checklist | What do you need to take with you?

The Importance of Social Media in Music | Helpful Hints!

pete doherty wasted Musicians Used to be Gods | What happened?

The Rise and Fall of Fightstar | Have they fallen?


‘The Best’ Music Lists

The ‘best of’ section is a list of all the best things related to music! The best post rock bands, the best chillout music, the hottest women in rock, the best songs ever, you get the idea…

The Best Metallica Songs The Best Metallica Songs | Their greatest songs of all time.

best 2012 songs The Best Songs of 2012 | The biggest and best songs of 2012

bad religion The Best Punk Rock Bands | From the 1990s and 2000s

christmas tree 11 Best Christmas Songs | Who is the ultimate Xmas number 1?

chillout beach 10 Best Chillout Bands | Sigur Ros, Moby, Lemonjelly & More
post rock music 10 Best Post-Rock Bands | Explosions, GYBE!, Mono & more
Christina_Aguilera The 20 Hottest Women in Music (Part 1) | Numbers 20-11
Christina_Aguilera The 20 Hottest Women in Music (Part 2) | Numbers 10-1
| The Best Wrestling Themes | Hogan, Austin, The Rock & More

Must Hear Music

Must hear music features music types that you may not hear all the time but you should definitely check out.
Discover new music right here!

neo classical Neo-Classical | My take on a fantastic genre

Music Trash

All the random news, rants and slating here!

britney spears ugly Pop Bitches | Didn’t they use to be hot?
cobain movie Kurt Cobain Movie | The new Cobain movie coming out?
x factor X Factor Layout Sucks | The new live auditions this year just blows.
lady gaga a man Lady Gaga a Man? | The rumours with evidence


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