Formed in 2008, Brighton based Yossarian had a break through in 2012 being compared to the likes of The National and Pink Floyd. Not only did the hit the festival scene last year, Yossarian raised $10,000 to crowd-fund their debut album, due for release in 2014 called ‘The Little We Know’.

Yossarian’s debut album sees the band combine multi-layered guitars, Floyd-esque minimalism, harrowing cryptic vocals, with heartfelt dark-yet-uplifting songwriting full of conviction and detail.


Originally called The Vanderpols, Yossarian’s best gig so far was playing at the Hop Farm Festival but it’s not necessarily their favourite: “the most memorable was playing a gig at Heroes bar in Kentish Town, a venue that seems to close down and re-open at least 3 times a year” Ash told us “There was probably no more than 50 people there but the venue owner loved our set so much that he started bribing us with tequila shots to keep us playing encores”.

Their sound is new, a little bit different, and mixes post rock, modern pop and old school alternative rock. There’s definitely a strong Pink Floyd influence in their music, mixed with The National-esque vocals. ‘The Little We Know’ strings together themes of alienation in London, travels around Europe and Australia, mixed with death of loved ones, the end of relationships, hope, luck, God and even the history of the universe.

Highlights from the album include the building majesty of “Arrow Part 1”, the beautiful transitional acceptance of “The Season Song,” and the delicate, inspiring “Underwater,” all of which tell a story in technicolour.

Follow Yossarian on their website and Facebook.

Music Industry Feedback


Feedback on your music

Music feedback is so important to help you reach your potential and stand out from the crowd. If you’re here then it’s not a huge leap to assume that you might be an aspiring musician. We know it’s difficult to stand out in this day and age as so many people are picking up instruments and playing their own songs. We think that’s awesome, but it means it takes a lot more to get noticed.

industry feedback

Be the best you can be!

With years of experience in the music industry – along with radio, press and record contacts – we know what has worked in the past for musicians and what people in the music industry are looking for.

‘Music industry feedback’ is an idea we’ve come up with to help you to improve your sound for a very small fee. It’s an easy process where you send your music to us and we give you a report on ways we think you can improve – not only in regards to your music, but also to online presence, your branding, ideas of where to play gigs and more.

In the feedback you will receive:

  • Detailed feedback on your sound, with suggestions
  • Advice on how to improve your online presence
  • A look in to your branding and how to improve
  • As well as anything else we feel can help to push you to the next level
  • We’re only charging £10 as an introductory offer. Which is the equivalent of 2 pints down the local pub! Give it a go, it’s more than worth it.

    If you have any questions at all please drop us an email or tweet us @themusicmag. We strive to helping talented musicians to get closer to their goals and whether via ‘industry feedback’ or just getting you a review we want to hear from you.

    UK Number 1 October 13th 2013: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

    UK Number 1 October 13th 2013: Miley Cyrus pipped Eminem to the UK number 1 spot with her controversial hit ‘Wrecking Ball’. The ex Disney star has divided audience across the world, and whether or not you like Miley, the likelihood is tha you’ve heard about the teen swinging naked from a wrecking ball.

    Not only did Miley Cyrus win the number 1 single, she also reached number 1 in the album chart with ‘Bangerz’, with the title of the album perhaps being a quick look in to her psyche.

    miley cyrus wrecking ball

    ‘Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball’

    The Official UK Top 10 – October 13th 2013:

    1/ Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball
    2/ Eminem – Bezerk
    3/ OneRepublic – Counting Stars
    4/ Conor Maynard – R U Crazy
    5/ Saturdays – Disco Love
    6/ James Blunt – Disco Heart
    7/ Katy Perry – Roar
    8/ Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty
    9/ John Newman – Cheating
    10/ Vamps – Can We Dance

    Miley, with her second UK number 1, was quoted as saying “I truly appreciate the love I’m getting from the UK”. She fought off stiff competition from Eminem and last weeks chart topped – OneRepublic. However I think most people would have guessed that this week would provide no competition for the controversial, twerker that is Myley Cyrus.

    There were 6 new entries in to the top 10 this week. I wonder who scheduled that, especially with Miley and Eminem bother entering new tracks. The other new entries were Conor Maynard’s ‘R U Crazy’, Saturdays’ ‘Disco Love’, James Blunt’s long-awaited return with the well timed track ‘Bonfire Heart’, and John Newman’s single ‘Cheating’.

    Justin Bieber couldn’t break in to the top 10 this week with his new entry ‘Heartbreaker’ (Yeah right…) slotting in at number 14. Tune in next week to see if Miley can hold on to that number 1 spot.

    Auction for the Promise Club – Walk the Line

    Hailing from a lovely little place in Cornwall by the name of St. Agnes, Auction for the Promise Club have released their new single ‘Walk the Line’. Proud of their Cornish routes, the band incorporate the beauty and ruggedness of the small sea side village in to their music, and dare I say it they may very well be the best band from Cornwall in recent time.

    auction for the promise club

    The song ‘Walk the Line’ – no relation to the Johnny Cash classic – has a beautiful melodic guitar track underneath some beautiful vocals from the lead of Auction for the Promise Club. The video itself is also very well recorded and deserves a watch below:

    If you like Auction for the Promise Club and want to find out a little bit more, then why not follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

    Neon Highwire

    Surrealist geek electro upstarts Neon Highwire are the party destroying sensation that have been named as ones to watch with good reason. They’ve been championed by Tom Robinson of BBC 6Music, had track named track of the year by Sherwood Radio before it was even released and have gained a reputation for their devastating live shows countrywide which have included performances with Pete & The Pirates, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Dragonette to name a few.

    The band’s 2009 début EP Luminescence (mastered at The Exchange), described by Rock Sound magazine as “cutting their angular-chops in all the right places, and it shows” was a shining culmination of these various elements. It includes the single Neon Blink, subsequently released on Blue Dove Records with a number of high profile remix b-sides and also featured in a Finnish TV show created by Jere Vainikka. It also features the sensationally catchy Under Moonlight, featured in the film “Maya’s Voice” and a favourite of Tom Robinson (BBC) and James Theaker (NME) with good reason.

    Neon Highwire

    Neon Highwire. Listen below:

    2010 saw the digital single release of the spectacular Bear At The Bus Stop with its incredible accompanying promotional video which on the day of its release caused their channel to become the 45th most viewed musician on Youtube. This was followed in 2011 with the anthemic Spin Off & the cult sensation Kim Jong Il Looking At Things.

    In 2013 the band release their incredible debut album Relate, a cataclysmic journey documenting the breakdown of relationships, the discovery of self and the hurt that goes with the process. Featuring 13 incredible tracks including the cool intensity of “Just Suppose”, the dance-floor magnet “Initialise” & the sublime “These Movies Have Become One Big Joke”. It’s no wonder there’s so much excitement for this release.

    Whether it’s the insightful witticisms of their interviews and blog updates, the detail within the multiple layers integral to their sound or the infectious beats that bring to mind the meat of Sonic Youth’s accessible phase being fed through a Bugged Out filter, it’s no wonder Neon Highwire count artists such as French Horn Rebellion or Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs amongst their fans. In their own twisted words, it’s an electravaganza.

    Follow Neon Highwire at http://www.neonhighwire.com

    UK Number 1 October 6th 2013: OneRepublic – Counting Stars

    UK Number 1, 6th October 2013: Jason Derulo was knocked from the number one top by OneRepublic, with their first ever UK Number 1. ‘Counting Stars’ by American pop-rock band OneRepublic is taken from their third studio album – Native. ‘Counting Stars’ was initially released on June 14th 2013 in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – landing top 5 spots, as well as now getting that UK number 1.


    OneRepublic collect their first ever UK Number 1!

    The Official UK Top 10 – October 6th 2013

    1/ OneRepublic – Counting Stars
    2/ Vamps – Can We Dance
    3/ Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty
    4/ Katy Perry – Roar
    5/ Chase & Status – Count On Me
    6/ Avicii – You Make Me
    7/ Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
    8/ Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)
    9/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
    10/ Dizzee Rascal – Something Really Bad (ft. Will.i.am)

    Vamps missed out on the number 1 spot by an apparent mere 1,150 copies with ‘Can We Dance’ – the closest fought battle for the number 1 spot for the whole of 2013 so far. So Vamps fans, if you’re feeling bad for not buying the song, go ahead and slap yourself… now. Alright then, moving on.

    Watch the UK Number one, OneRepublic – Counting Stars here:

    Two new entries from Dizzee Rascal and Chase & Status entered at number 10 and number 5 – pushing out Ellie Goulding and Jessie J.

    Demi Lovato was propelled back in to the top 10 with Skyscraper; most likely with the X-Factor effect having something to do with the well-used song pushing it’s way back in.

    Source: BBC UK Offical Top 40, UK Number 1 October 6th. Don’t forget to come back to The Music Mag next week, we bring you the write up of the UK Top 10 before anyone else (well, nearly!).

    How to be a Rock Star on Stage

    Ever wondered how to be a rock star on stage? How to become an icon? What it takes to be a rock legend? Read on for a few pieces of advice on how to maximise your performance on stage, mixed in with loads of cool pictures for inspiration – read on rockers!

    Have a good look

    Whether you make girls swoon with your beautiful looks, work out constantly, or just have something a bit different about you – stand out and have a look, a style, a je ne sais quoi. Take Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose and Till Lindemann as examples. Kurt was a good looking chap that had his grungy style locked down, Axl tried various things from impersonating John Lennon to stealing Dexter Holland’s hair-braid idea – but he had a presence to him. Now Till Lindemann offers the je ne sais quoi, just something different – a bit extreme – but boy you’re not going to forget him any time soon!

    kurt cobain

    Kurt Cobain had a great look.

    axl rose bandana

    Axl Rose with his braids and signature bandana.


    Be an evil motherf@#ker!

    Muwahaha! If you want to summon all that is rock on stage, then a little bit of worshiping satan goes a long way. Ozzy Ozbourne bit the heads off bats, Marilyn Manson did a lot of things which are better left unwritten and many other bands portray metal as being evil. It’s written in to the rock & metal culture and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! However, it’s definitely best done with a cheeky grin, rather than being all out serious!

    Marily Manson

    Marilyn Manson can put on a hell of a show – © David Atlas 2005

    ozzy ozbourne live

    Ozzy Ozbourne has settled down since his bat eating days.


    Have a softer side

    Whilst it pays to be heavy, a lot of the big rock and metal bands release softer, melodic songs that fans adore – ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘November Rain’ and ‘Snuff’ to name just a few tracks that stand out. Corey Taylor is a great example of how to have a softer side – he’s a nu-metal screamer when leading Slipknot, but he can be caught singing beautifully on acoustic pieces if you’re ever lucky enough to catch him in a smaller tent at a festival, just like this performance below:


    Interact with the crowd

    Whether you have fifty fans watching, or fifty thousand, if you don’t interact with the fans and get them involved, they will leave a little disappointed. One gig to name was The Distillers when they were big after ‘Drain the Blood’ hit. Their gig was basically song after song from the album with no interaction – you might as well just stand there and put on the album loud and not bother forking out for a ticket. So interact with the audience; get them raising their horns, chanting along, flipping you off, whatever it takes to make them feel a part of the show.

    rammstein pussy

    Rammstein take crowd interaction to the next level during their song ‘Pussy’.


    Kiss interacting with the crowd.


    Respect the legends

    When you see a band live, you’ll often hear them talk of their influences and who they look up to. This respect is a great asset and helps give you and your band a connection with the crowd. It also gives you a chance to rock out your own cover version of an all time classic!

    led zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin influenced hundreds of modern day rockers.

    bullet for my valentine metallica

    Bullet For My Valentine respect Metallica through covers and band t-shirts.


    And all served with a slice of humour

    Unless you are the new-coming of Jesus with a guitar strapped to his chest, don’t take yourself too seriously. In keeping with the ‘how to be a rock star’ theme here are two of the funniest bands in recent time – Tenacious D and Foo Fighters:

    tenacious d

    Tenacious D are so funny live and in their videos.

    dave grohl

    Dave Grohl has a lighter comedic side as shown in ‘Learn to Fly’.

    Hopefully this random little slice of rock inspiration will help when it comes to perfecting your stage presence. Whether it be at a festival, in the local pub, or on guitar hero in your front room – may the rock God’s salute you!

    Alexis Kings

    Introducing Alexis Kings, a new London based band who have recently received a wave of attention through some of their new releases.

    Alexis Kings are soon to release their first EP ’1972′ featuring the first single ’1972′ which is not yet released, but is currently is the process of being mastered.

    The EP also features their viral track ‘Brothers’ along with AK’s first track ‘Get Set Go Home’ which both have had music videos made for them. Alexis Kings have also been lucky enough to headline BBC Introducing Beds Herts and Bucks recent gig at the Hat Factory in Luton.

    Alexis Kings

    Listen to ‘Get Set Home’ here:

    More from Alexis Kings:
    Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/AlexisKingsMusic
    Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/alexiskingsmusic/videos

    UK Number 1 September 29th: Jason Derulo ‘Talk Dirty’

    On September 29th 2013 Jason Derulo remained at the top of the charts and claimed the UK number 1 spot for the 2nd week in a row. Derulo fought hard, selling over xxx amount of records in the space of xxx.

    Watch ‘Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty’ here:

    Last weeks UK Top 40 chart topper, Jason Derulo, stays there for the second week.

    Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ remained at 2, the short haired Jessie J entered the chart at number 22 with her hit ‘Sexy Lady’. Whilst HAIM entered the chart at 16 with ‘The Wire’. The highest new entry was by Sub Focus, with ‘Turn it Around’, which entered the UK Top 40 at 14.

    Here is the top 10 in full from September 29th 2013:

    UK Number 1 September 29th

    1/ Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty
    2/ Katy Perry – Roar
    3/ One Republic – Counting Stars
    4/ Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (ft. Majid Jordan)
    5/ Avicii – You Make Me
    6/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love (ft. Mary Lambert)
    7/ Ben Price – What I Might Do
    8/ Avicii – Wake Me Up
    9/ Jessie J – It’s My Party
    10/ Ellie Goulding – Burn

    Ben Pearce breaks back in to the top ten and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis move up from 9th to 6th. Avicii does well in the charts again, with ‘Wake Me Up’ being in the chart for 11 weeks. Jessie J stays in the top 10 with ‘It’s My Party’ at 9, and Ellie Goulding grasps on to the top 10 spot after 7 weeks in the chart.

    So takes the UK Number 1: September 29th. Remember to check back on The Music Mag for the latest on the UK Top 40.

    Source: BBC UK Offical Top 40, UK Number 1 September 29th.

    Oxjam Islington 2013 Preview

    The Oxjam team are ready to take Islington by storm on the 19th October with a whole day of sensational music, all is in aid of global charity Oxfam. Whatever music you’re into – from folk to punk to rock and everything in between – there’ll be something for you across the venues.

    “Oxjam Islington 2013: Camden Crawl meets Live Aid”

    Oxjam Islington Takeover forms part of Oxjam Music Festival, which runs through the whole of October. Oxjam is a festival with a difference: thousands of fundraising music events are put on by ordinary people – from large-scale festivals to local sponsored busks – making it the biggest line-up of any music festival in the UK. The Oxjam Islington Takeover will be showcasing the freshest musical talent of all styles and genres across a number of venues along Islington’s famous Upper Street, the festival aims to raise a record-breaking amount of money for globally renowned aid and development charity Oxfam. The Islington team have already ran a number of successful fundraisers in anticipation of the main event – find out more on the website, or find us on Twitter and Facebook and keep up to date with all the news and events over the next few months. Line up coming soon.

    Oxjam Islington Festival 2013

    Ticket info
    Tickets are £12 and available via WeGotTickets.com including the Super Earlybird ticket for £6!

    Since 2006, Oxjam has raised over £2 million for Oxfam. This year around 3,000 musicians will perform in over 200 venues as part of the 50 Oxjam Takeover events taking place from The Shetland Islands to Cornwall. Each of these events is run by teams of local volunteers donating their time up to six months before the event and giving all proceeds to Oxfam.

    Oxjam was created by Oxfam in 2006 as a way to involve local communities in fun fundraising. Previous events have taken place across the country and have included gigs in a local laundrette, church and even a telephone box! The one day festival idea of “Takeover” came about in 2009 – the idea is that you buy one wristband that will get you into multi-venue events. Help your community and raise money for charity.

    “Oxjam is a fantastic live music event, with talented musicians and all for a good cause – Tell me a better way to spend an evening”
    Craig Priestley, The Music Mag

    “Oxjam Islington due to its location is uniquely placed to fuse the creative world of London’s West End, with the fashionable new media world of Shoreditch and Old Street. There is no doubt that it will be at the cutting edge of live entertainment in London.”
    Keith Harris, Chairman of Music Tank and Director of Performer Affairs at PPL

    “We want to encourage as many people as possible to come and join the party.”
    Joe Goddard, Hot Chip

    “Oxjam showcases the best local talent and brings together people who love music in aid of a brilliant cause”
    Chris Austin, Official Charts Company

    The Oxjam Islington team are inviting the local community to get involved in this worthy cause, either by attending fundraisers, donating gifts in kind to the Takeover or fundraisers, donating venue/performance spaces, performing music or simply buying a ticket and joining in the fun. Anyway you look at it, Oxjam Islington Takeover is a fantastic cause that is great to be a part of. For more information please visit oxjamislington.com

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