UK Number 1 (September 22nd): Jason Derulo ‘Talk Dirty’

Jason Derulo knocks Katy Perry from the number 1 spot in the official UK top 40 this week.

September 22nd will be a day to remember for everyone behind ‘Talk Dirty’ as Jason Derulo (full name Jason Joel Desrouleaux) scored his third UK number 1. The song sold more than 150,000 copies in seven days since its release, making it the 4th fastest selling UK single of 2013 so far.

Watch ‘Talk Dirty’:

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ slipped down to number two, and new entries from Linkin Park and Birdy placed at 34 and 16 respectively.

So will we see an advertising campaign kick off to help Perry back to the number 1 spot ahead of her new album release, or will Jason Derulo remain number one next week? Check back next week to find out!

Here is the top 10 in full from September 22nd 2013:

1/ Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty
2/ Katy Perry – Roar
3/ Jessie J – It’s My Party
4/ OneRepublic – Counting Stars
5/ Avicii – You Make Me
6/ Avicii – Wake Me Up
7/ Drake – Hold On…
8/ Ellie Goulding – Burn
9/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love
10/ Klangkarussel – Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine)

Source: BBC UK Officla Top 40


Vendettas are a 3-piece indie rock band hailing from north-west London. They draw from an array of influences from 60s pop and jazz, to post-hardcore and soul, creating an eclectic blend of accessible and catchy songs, whilst managing to showcase their technical capabilities and passion for innovation and uniqueness. They have amassed a dedicated following on the underground live circuit and have channelled the vibrant energy of their live shows into their debut LP. From the hard-hitting opener ‘Future Adventures’ and the dark-pop of their first single ‘Dance With Me’, through to the light-hearted fun of ‘New Summer’ or the anthemic chants of ‘Crime Scene’, Vendettas are emblematic of a thriving new wave of fresh British music, carving out their path in original and exciting ways.


Dance With Me is the first single from Vendettas’ eponymous debut album. The song balances dark and light textures both musically and lyrically, exploring the powerful energies that emerge from the feeling of love at first sight. Dance With Me is wrought with urgency and passion from the outset, which is reflected through the song’s lyrical imagery that echoes the qualities of film noir or pulp literature. Dance With Me is exemplary of the sophisticated and eclectic sound that Vendettas have been developing over the last couple of years and provides an exciting introduction to their outstanding full-length record.

Website | twitter | facebook | soundcloud | iTunes

Frankie Torpey – Vocals / Guitar
Rob Turnbridge – Bass / Backing Vocals
Dean Valentine Smith – Drums / Backing Vocals

Single: Dance With Me – ©2013 Moonshine Records
Release Date: 11 Sep 2013
Genre: Indie

Additional guitars / backing vocals provided by Ian Rees
Produced by Vendettas
Engineered and mixed by Peter Miles
Recorded at Middle Farm Studios, Devon

Paramore & Hayley Williams 2013

Just over 3 years ago Hayley Williams’ ex-boyfriend Josh Farro, wrote a blog calling Paramore a ‘manufactured product of a major label’ – as well as adding that the three other members of the band weren’t treated as well as lead singer Hayley.

Recently the heralded lead singer of Paramore responded to Metro saying how she couldn’t respond online due to not wanting to appear like a ’14 year old writing bullet points rebutting everything he said’. She added ‘ it would have been immature and ridiculous for us to put the people who follow our band through that. We had to swallow our pride’.

Paramore’s latest single ‘Still in to you’ has been a massive success for the band. Their music style has developed, perhaps turned a bit more poppy, but keeping the edge that sets them apart. Another thing that sets them apart is the styling of Hayley Williams – 2013 fashion icon for the alternative crowd.

hayley williams hot

Hayley williams: hot as hell!

hayley williams sexy

Hayley Williams looking sexy on stage.

hayley williams mtv movie awards 2013

Hayley Williams (2013) at the MTV movie awards.

paramore hayley williams

Paramore’s Hayley Williams on stage.

hayley williams

Hayley Williams looking pretty and laid back.

Hayley Williams 2013

Hayley Williams in FSR magazine, 2013.

If you want to see more pictures of other music babes – on top of Paramore & Hayley Williams 2013 – take a look at our archive here.

Creating a ‘cool’ and productive office space

It is best to remember that a healthy workspace can often be equivalent to a healthy working mind. A ‘home office’ can often be summarised as a desktop computer in the spare room, but in order to get the best out of your domestic work space there are a few things to remember for turning that spare room into the epicentre of your creative projects.


You can’t define your space as a ‘home office’ if it also happens to be the ‘home gymnasium’ and ‘storage cupboard’ as well.

Claim your space and clear out the clutter that is taking up the room. In order for your office to be an effective workspace you have to make sure it’s a space you’re comfortable in and which is conducive to working.


This is the next step in claiming your office space as your own. Make it an area that reflects your professional desires by re-papering, re-painting and turning a once forgotten space into a professional area.

Hang some cool prints from the walls and you’ll see yourself as a creative entrepreneur instead of a box room prisoner.

Desk Space

What practical office is complete without an area to sit and concentrate? If you’re lacking a desk for your study area then it’s not quite at office level just yet. Getting a desk and setting it up properly will create a working atmosphere to keep you focused, whereas lounging on a couch will leave you open to distraction.


Heavy clunky curtains will block out any signs of light on even the brightest days and a darkened room will no doubt have you ready to head back into hibernation. Lighting can play an important factor in your energy levels so make sure that you’re set up with blinds on the windows and a desktop lamp for when you have to work past the five o’ clock mark.

Ground rules

Just because this is your own personal office space, this does not mean that you don’t have to create some rules that would apply in any office. Nothing will affect your time management more than if you’re left to own devices and wander into mindless scrolling through social media sites.

Set yourself rules, working hours and scheduled break periods to make sure that your ‘cool’ office space does not just become another recreation room.

Following these tips is a good starter for taking the steps necessary to become your own creative director and it is best to remember that big dreams can only be realised in a positive work space with a positive work ethic.

Hidden Witness

Did you ever play “the game of life?” Do you remember how there was a shorter path more strewn with perils at the start of the game? Take that path, and multiply it fifty fold, and you’d still be no nearer to describing the journey Hidden Witness have been on. How many other bands BEGIN with four members of the band living in different parts of the country?

Well, this one did, rising out of the ashes, regrets and “what if’s” of other bands, that had long since been left behind, for numerous reasons and due to a resounding belief in the strength of the songs, and an instinctive musical link that defies description.

There is a story behind those other bands, but it is a long and highly referential one. You can read it on our website, if you like. Right now, though, please read on.

Hidden Witness finished the lengthy process of being ‘born’ in late 2010, with Dan Sandbrook answering a call to arms for a vocalist that had been sent out into the vastness of cyberspace (Facebook then?) by Chris, Dan Neil.

Hidden Witness

(Hidden Witness)

A few songs from the most recent prior incarnation of the band were cherry picked from a healthy back-catalogue, and Dan was let loose upon them, adding some extremely impressive vocals, with little forewarning or preparation. New songs were in turn composed, drawing on insight and input from all four band members, and the rest as they say is history.

Two years on, after numerous recording sessions, many practices, meetups and rehearsals, Hidden Witness are primed, the songs are ready, and we are here to let loose our creations creations upon the world.

God is an Astronaut – Origins Review

God is an Astronaut, Ireland born and bread post rock icons, are back with their Seventh full length album ‘Origins’.

god is an astronaut origins

God is an Astronaut origins – album cover

From start to finish the album is pure bliss. God is an Astronaut have matured their sound in to a better produced, fuller, richer sounding ambience compared with their previous albums.

As a huge fan of ‘Age of the Fifth Sun’ and ‘All is Violent All is Bright’ I have been highly anticipating the chance to listen to the album in full – and it definitely lives up to expectation. Each song flows beautifully in to the other, creating an experience when listening to the whole album.

But, in the same way other songs stand-alone, ‘Origins’ contains a few stella songs that demand to be replayed. Right from the beginning ‘The Last March’ sets the tone for the ablum with a beautifully melodic piece, more reminiscent of Japanese band Mono in parts.

The style involves a lot of heavily distorted guitars, bass, drums and loops, but piano is used in parts on the album beautifully. In ‘Reverse World’ the piano is used in a standard way as a primary instrument until the song reaches its crescendo, whereas in ‘Autumn Song’ it adds to the beauty of the track and is one of the highlights of the album.

Where this stands against their other albums is unclear, but God is an Astronaut just keep on delivering. ‘Origins’ is a soul-enchanting listen, worth every minute of the time you’ll spend listening to it on repeat.

RATING: 10/10


Two Tips for Promoting your Band

Music is one of the most amazing forms of art out there. Whether music helps you through a tough time by allowing you to relate to the lyrics, or if it helps you get fired up for gym or work or even if you’re just listening to it for the sake of it, music is definitely something that helps the world go round. Everyone likes music, and if you ever meet someone who tells you that they do not like music, they are most likely some giant lizard humanoid from another planet, disguised as a human – and you should probably back away from them slowly.

post rock

Being a successful musician is more than writing and playing music, it is also about getting your name out there. The world is filled with talented musicians that do not have the correct platform to share their talent with the world. It is not easy filling all the roles of manager and promoter, especially with a day job or studies occupying most of your time. Thanks to where we are today with technology though, the process of promoting your band has become much easier, as long as you know how to utilise the technology as best as possible. Here are two tips to help promote your band.

Get your Social Networking on

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter create brilliant (and free) ways for your band to promote itself. These sites give you an opportunity to tell the public everything your band stands for, and then allows you to easily link your music to show them what you’re all about. Social Network sites also make it possible for your band to communicate with the fans, and receive feedback from the people who appreciate your work.

Include a brief biography, including the genre of your band as well as the names and roles of the band members. Make sure to keep your band’s page as current as possible, include photos and videos. Remember to keep it as professional as possible as you are trying to promote yourself after all.

Get your Gig on

You aren’t playing some mobile casino here; the only way you can hope to hit it big will be by putting in a great deal of effort and having endless passion for the music. The main way to get your band known is by performing, although that is always easier said than done. The best way would be to speak to the managers of local social clubs and try to organise gigs. If that doesn’t work, take to the parks. You can even go old school, handing out flyers and holding a small concert at a hired out venue.

- Written By Jason

Adam Bishop & the Young Guns

Adam Bishop and the Young Guns was founded in Fall of 2012. After recording what was intended to be a solo EP, it became apparent that the band playing on the album had a chemistry that had to be recreated for audiences. After crafting their live show at various venues throughout California’s Central Valley, the band returned to the studio to record their first full length album, “How to Raise Awareness//How to Start a War,” in May 2013.

Adam Bishop & the Young Guns

Since this album’s release, the band has been hard at work touring, writing, and crafting their live sound. Based in the great tradition of American music, Adam Bishop and the Young Guns approach their craft with an uncompromising energy and focus that keeps audiences captivated.

The album can be found at: www.adambishop.bandcamp.com or streamed below:

Born Thief

Born Thief will be digitally releasing their debut single ‘An Inch of Doubt’ on Sept 9th with an official launch night at the 360 Club, Leeds on Sept 7th. Attendees to the launch night will be able to purchase a limited edition physical version of the track. The video for the song will be available to stream on YouTube from Aug 21st.

From their first live performance in May 2013 supporting Reverend & The Makers and The Sunshine Underground, quickly followed by shows with The Hoosiers and ‘NME tipped’ Dexters, newcomers Born Thief have gone from strength to strength with their first 6 months as a band being rounded off with a booking to play Bingley
Music Live.

The hard work behind closed doors and long hours of studio time seem to be paying off for the Bradford based 5 piece, comprising of Jake McGrath(vocals) Sam Wilson (Guitar) Greg Jones(Bass) Luke Haran(Guitar) John Fitzpatrick(Drums), and the excitement and energy spills over into each live performance with gig offers coming thick and fast.

Recognition within the industry is also coming to fruition with the band having a guest appearance from Inder Goldfinger (Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown’s percussionist) on the recording of their track ‘In My Head’ and also Mickey Dale (Embrace) working with them on post-production of their forthcoming single ‘An Inch Of Doubt’ due out in Sept.

Following their recent Manchester show, at the prestigious Night & Day, a single deal is now on the table from an Independent label and plans are in place for the recording and video shoot later in the year. Also from the back of the show was a support slot offer on the Leeds leg of ‘The Dub Pistols’ November tour, which was swiftly accepted.

More info, music and social networking links can be found at www.bornthief.co.uk

You can also catch Born Thief at Bingley Music Live Sun 1st Sept 2013 at 1pm.


The Dark Rooms

The Dark Rooms are an indie rock four piece from Lancashire with the attitude of punks but the souls of poets. They specialise in composing “bangers” for the discerning listener.

dark rooms

Born and bred on the cobbled streets of former cotton town Blackburn, which has been in decline for as long as anyone young enough to draw breath can remember. Scott and Kieron got together with their guitars and began playing the only songs they knew, those of traditional Lancashire folk music. Unbeknownst to them Cory had already put down his dab teacake and began to fashion a drum kit out of old materials he was able to sneak out of the factory he had worked in since leaving school at the age of eleven. Together they were able to convince Curtis to swap his pint of bitter for a bass guitar and with that they cleared their factory smoke filled lungs, tipped their flat caps and declared the birth of a new sound, one never before heard by the humble folk of Lancashire, one that sounded as if it was from a far away and exotic land, such as Nottingham or Stoke-on-Trent, and from this The Dark Rooms were born.


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