God is an Astronaut – Origins Review

God is an Astronaut, Ireland born and bread post rock icons, are back with their Seventh full length album ‘Origins’.

god is an astronaut origins

God is an Astronaut origins – album cover

From start to finish the album is pure bliss. God is an Astronaut have matured their sound in to a better produced, fuller, richer sounding ambience compared with their previous albums.

As a huge fan of ‘Age of the Fifth Sun’ and ‘All is Violent All is Bright’ I have been highly anticipating the chance to listen to the album in full – and it definitely lives up to expectation. Each song flows beautifully in to the other, creating an experience when listening to the whole album.

But, in the same way other songs stand-alone, ‘Origins’ contains a few stella songs that demand to be replayed. Right from the beginning ‘The Last March’ sets the tone for the ablum with a beautifully melodic piece, more reminiscent of Japanese band Mono in parts.

The style involves a lot of heavily distorted guitars, bass, drums and loops, but piano is used in parts on the album beautifully. In ‘Reverse World’ the piano is used in a standard way as a primary instrument until the song reaches its crescendo, whereas in ‘Autumn Song’ it adds to the beauty of the track and is one of the highlights of the album.

Where this stands against their other albums is unclear, but God is an Astronaut just keep on delivering. ‘Origins’ is a soul-enchanting listen, worth every minute of the time you’ll spend listening to it on repeat.

RATING: 10/10


Two Tips for Promoting your Band

Music is one of the most amazing forms of art out there. Whether music helps you through a tough time by allowing you to relate to the lyrics, or if it helps you get fired up for gym or work or even if you’re just listening to it for the sake of it, music is definitely something that helps the world go round. Everyone likes music, and if you ever meet someone who tells you that they do not like music, they are most likely some giant lizard humanoid from another planet, disguised as a human – and you should probably back away from them slowly.

post rock

Being a successful musician is more than writing and playing music, it is also about getting your name out there. The world is filled with talented musicians that do not have the correct platform to share their talent with the world. It is not easy filling all the roles of manager and promoter, especially with a day job or studies occupying most of your time. Thanks to where we are today with technology though, the process of promoting your band has become much easier, as long as you know how to utilise the technology as best as possible. Here are two tips to help promote your band.

Get your Social Networking on

Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter create brilliant (and free) ways for your band to promote itself. These sites give you an opportunity to tell the public everything your band stands for, and then allows you to easily link your music to show them what you’re all about. Social Network sites also make it possible for your band to communicate with the fans, and receive feedback from the people who appreciate your work.

Include a brief biography, including the genre of your band as well as the names and roles of the band members. Make sure to keep your band’s page as current as possible, include photos and videos. Remember to keep it as professional as possible as you are trying to promote yourself after all.

Get your Gig on

You aren’t playing some mobile casino here; the only way you can hope to hit it big will be by putting in a great deal of effort and having endless passion for the music. The main way to get your band known is by performing, although that is always easier said than done. The best way would be to speak to the managers of local social clubs and try to organise gigs. If that doesn’t work, take to the parks. You can even go old school, handing out flyers and holding a small concert at a hired out venue.

- Written By Jason

Adam Bishop & the Young Guns

Adam Bishop and the Young Guns was founded in Fall of 2012. After recording what was intended to be a solo EP, it became apparent that the band playing on the album had a chemistry that had to be recreated for audiences. After crafting their live show at various venues throughout California’s Central Valley, the band returned to the studio to record their first full length album, “How to Raise Awareness//How to Start a War,” in May 2013.

Adam Bishop & the Young Guns

Since this album’s release, the band has been hard at work touring, writing, and crafting their live sound. Based in the great tradition of American music, Adam Bishop and the Young Guns approach their craft with an uncompromising energy and focus that keeps audiences captivated.

The album can be found at: www.adambishop.bandcamp.com or streamed below:

Born Thief

Born Thief will be digitally releasing their debut single ‘An Inch of Doubt’ on Sept 9th with an official launch night at the 360 Club, Leeds on Sept 7th. Attendees to the launch night will be able to purchase a limited edition physical version of the track. The video for the song will be available to stream on YouTube from Aug 21st.

From their first live performance in May 2013 supporting Reverend & The Makers and The Sunshine Underground, quickly followed by shows with The Hoosiers and ‘NME tipped’ Dexters, newcomers Born Thief have gone from strength to strength with their first 6 months as a band being rounded off with a booking to play Bingley
Music Live.

The hard work behind closed doors and long hours of studio time seem to be paying off for the Bradford based 5 piece, comprising of Jake McGrath(vocals) Sam Wilson (Guitar) Greg Jones(Bass) Luke Haran(Guitar) John Fitzpatrick(Drums), and the excitement and energy spills over into each live performance with gig offers coming thick and fast.

Recognition within the industry is also coming to fruition with the band having a guest appearance from Inder Goldfinger (Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown’s percussionist) on the recording of their track ‘In My Head’ and also Mickey Dale (Embrace) working with them on post-production of their forthcoming single ‘An Inch Of Doubt’ due out in Sept.

Following their recent Manchester show, at the prestigious Night & Day, a single deal is now on the table from an Independent label and plans are in place for the recording and video shoot later in the year. Also from the back of the show was a support slot offer on the Leeds leg of ‘The Dub Pistols’ November tour, which was swiftly accepted.

More info, music and social networking links can be found at www.bornthief.co.uk

You can also catch Born Thief at Bingley Music Live Sun 1st Sept 2013 at 1pm.


The Dark Rooms

The Dark Rooms are an indie rock four piece from Lancashire with the attitude of punks but the souls of poets. They specialise in composing “bangers” for the discerning listener.

dark rooms

Born and bred on the cobbled streets of former cotton town Blackburn, which has been in decline for as long as anyone young enough to draw breath can remember. Scott and Kieron got together with their guitars and began playing the only songs they knew, those of traditional Lancashire folk music. Unbeknownst to them Cory had already put down his dab teacake and began to fashion a drum kit out of old materials he was able to sneak out of the factory he had worked in since leaving school at the age of eleven. Together they were able to convince Curtis to swap his pint of bitter for a bass guitar and with that they cleared their factory smoke filled lungs, tipped their flat caps and declared the birth of a new sound, one never before heard by the humble folk of Lancashire, one that sounded as if it was from a far away and exotic land, such as Nottingham or Stoke-on-Trent, and from this The Dark Rooms were born.


Maybeshewill – He Films the Clouds, Pt. 2

Leicester based post rockers Maybeshewill are examples to a lot of local bands trying to make it to the big time.

He Films the Clouds part 2 is my favourite song of theirs. If you’ve not heard of Maybeshewill, give it a listen and if you like it then here’s a link to their facebook page to follow their updates!

Lamont Junior

1ST SINGLE: SLIP (The Moment You Left), (Produced By Jae Eaux) –

20 year old Birmingham born Lamont Junior is a Jazz/Pop singer with a signature soothing, deep tone.
Lamont has had a strong passion for music from a very young age, and says “My main ambition is to make my mark on the music industry.”

Musicality runs in the family as his Reggae star grandfather is an original member of the platinum selling group UB40, and has been a huge source of influence and inspiration.

Often praised for his love of music and determination to succeed, Lamont demonstrates great performance skills, playing gigs across the country.

Lamont’s most recent release, “Slip (The Moment You Left)” is a great example of his talent and versatility. Bending and blending genres, Lamont can be heard singing Pop one minute, then Jazz or R&B the next.

Currently recording his debut EP entitled “Capricorn” the future seems bright! Look out for this unique young man… He is definitely one to watch.

lamont junior

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LamontJunior
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lamontjunior
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lamontjunior

The Best Guitar Tab Websites

As you know we at The Music Mag are passionate about helping offer useful articles and features to unsigned musicians.

So many people use tabs nowadays, so what better way than to have all of the best guitar tab sites in one place!

At the moment Ultimate Guitar is the best guitar tab site out there, but Guitar CC and some of the others are beginning to give it a run for it’s money. All I know is that I’m happy to have so many great tabs available!

The Best Guitar Tab Sites

1/ Ultimate Guitar

ultimate guitar
Pros: 800,000 songs on the website; the biggest guitar tab sites on the net! It’s also easy to use and ranked number 1 on Google for ‘Guitar Tabs’.
Cons: Some of the best tabs are for premium members – however good free tabs and chords can still be found easily.

2/ Guitar Tabs CC

guitar tabs cc
Pros: A nice Top 100 list of popular tabs and also features guitar, bass and drum tabs.
Cons: Not that many of the tabs are rated, so quite a lot of the time you’re unsure as to the quality of the tab.

3/ Songsterr

Pros: The homepage is nicely separated in to beginner, intermediate and advanced tabs – as well as the header allowing you to search via genre.
Cons: This could be a pro, but for the beginner/intermediate users the tabs tend to be laid out like they would be in a music book, with notes and the tabs. Whilst this is correct, it’s different to the major tab sites and could take a bit of getting used to.

4/ 911 Tabs

Pros: Nice and easy to use. A directory of guitar tabs.
Cons: The layout is too similar to Ultimate Guitar.

5/ Guitare Tab

guitare tab
Pros: Easy to use, Cool banner design and a lot of tabs.
Cons: Quite a few adverts and a little bit slower than the big sites like Guitar Tabs.

6/ Chordie

Pros: A large selection of chords with ratings.
Cons: The front page takes a little navigating as it’s not overly user friendly & Some of the text are rubbish.

7/ AZ Chords

az chords
Pros: Simple and informative layout with lots of tabs
Cons: Not as interactive as Guitar Tabs – doesn’t allow for hover over chords to display the tabs.

8/ Tabondant

Pros: 300,000 tabs! Having featured tabs on the homepage is a nice easy way to find new and popular songs.
Cons: Quite a new site in comparison to some of the others.

9/ Tab Robot

tab robot
Pros: simple – search for the song or band and it shows a list of tabs on the net.
Cons: It’s a basic directory, without much actual content. It’s also a little bit too simple.

If you have a tab site and would like it added to the list, please leave a comment below.

Winter Crescent

Winter crescent were formed at the winter of 2000 by Alexis Ktistakis, in Heraklion Crete, Greece.

After 8 years of line-up changes, the band started to find a stable formation in early 2008. Winter Crescent has performed over the years live in various cities all over Greece and has recorded a debut EP entitled Battle Of Egos, with 7 songs (35 minutes playtime), which was self-released in the early May of 2009.

This EP was rewarded by the Greek Metal Hammer as the Pick of the Month of September 2009 issue and 85% on February’s German Rock Hard. Furthermore, it has received very good reviews at various E-zines and Magazines around the world.

winter crescent

In the late September of 2009, Winter Crescent went on tour with 4 other bands and they played in 7 major cities. After that, Winter Crescent had their first official video clip for the song “Battle of Egos part 1″ which was produced by “Atheaton Media Center” and reached more than 100.000 views on youtube.

In the summer of 2011 Winter Crescent entered Rock Band 3 for Xbox by having all of the songs from Battle of Egos in the game. In 2012 they played in Chania Rock Festival alongside with Grave Digger and other metal acts.

Winter Crescent are currently in the studio, recording their new concept album

Line Up

Vocals: Nikos Spyridakis
Guitar: Alexis Ktistakis
Guitar: Nikos Trialonis
Bass: Thanos Sgouridis
Drums: Giorgos Ktistakis

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WinterCrescentBand
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wintercrescent
Twitter: http://twitter.com/WinterCrescent
Rock Band: http://www.rockband.com/songs/artists/Winter+Crescent

August and After

August and After are an acoustic duo that blend close vocal and guitar harmonies (‘guitar-monies…?’) onto layers of classically-inspired orchestration.

August and After are Ned Mortimer and Vedantha Kumar. Comparisons can be made to Simon and Garfunkel, Radical Face and Kings of Convenience, and their inspirations include Bon Iver and Beirut.

august and after

August and After use an incredibly talented young Parisian animator, Alice de Barrau, to make a music videos. After seeing the first 20 seconds or so they left her to it, and she has just completed the video ‘Set Sail’. The band said “were incredibly moved upon watching it (particularly the rendering and the mermaid scene!) and feel that here is an amazing talent that deserves much attention and praise.”

The song below is called ‘Set Sail’ from the debut album ‘Embers’, released on 1st August 2013:

Follow August and After on Facebook here.

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